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  1. But it means I can't be great speakers or generators. I run sound and am a gen tech.<br /><br />Sent from my C771 using Tapatalk 2<br /><br />
  2. I was late getting out of the hospital. I was fairly certain I knew why, SrLL signups. His son is a pretty good player. <br /><br />Sent from my C771 using Tapatalk 2<br /><br />
  3. Evidently it is the worse one yet. They want to install a defibrillator in my chest. This I will resist as long as possible.
  4. Weds morning I had my fifth heart attack. It is a pretty severe one and may keep me out of baseball for a while. We will have to see how I react to medication.
  5. I completely agree the rules are as you say in those leagues, doesn't mean the manager shouldn't be preemptive in fan/coach control. If you know a guy is a jack wagon, don't have him coach. I saw a team fire their manager and a his son removed from the team because they simply could not control themselves and it was affecting the team. My point about the player was to show I controlled my team unlike many managers. Managers are responsible for more than line-ups and pitching changes.
  6. I have stated my views on having umpires at this level. Yes, it is instructional but parents and/or coaches are stupid at this level just like any other level. If we can start teaching coaches proper protocol early, we will have less trouble later. If I was still on the BOD and a coach got tossed in a pitching machine or T-ball league, it would cost him dearly. If he can't behave at this level HTH is he going to do it when he is at Majors and above?
  7. I thought HW is certified as of this year. TUS has not been in business long enough to pass FL's regs.
  8. Fallon thinks he has talents that he doesn't possess and tends to showcase them. That is what will make him fail. I have watched his current show, it is only slightly better than Conan. NBC needs to quit being lazy and actually look for a host instead of just moving a current host.
  9. Yes, take your gear and expect to work hard.
  10. Rich, same league I already mentioned, I had a kid that was absolutely hell bent to wear his "lucky" necklace. I told him he had to take it off if he wanted to play. He said he absolutely wanted to keep it on. I told him that was fine, I will take you off the sub list and you can wear it on the bench. Guess where the necklace went? Yes, Rich, I checked my kids every game for jewelry.
  11. Just remind him be careful, you could be a T-Rex. Love you too Jax. :)
  12. I am and sometimes watch late night shows. I was a fan of Letterman as a stand up, when he got his show, he lost it. I just don't generally find him funny. His top ten lists can be funny, but very hit and miss. Plus, I always thought Leno was a better interviewer.
  13. Several years ago there was a crew doing a state semi that absolutely screwed up everything they did. Mechanics, rules, game management, all kicked. The state interpreter was explaining what was screwed up and how he wanted it called, not my group by the way, and the guys involved tried to defend themselves. He had tried to do it so nobody knew who he was talking about, they threw themselves under the bus. The discussion went downhill and they finally said they weren't used to three man so they messed up some rotations. Nevermind that it was only part of the problem. They mad the interpreter mad so he finally said, "If you don't know the mechanics, don't take the assignment." That is true for all three man, if you don't feel you know it well enough, or you can't make the rotations, don't accept the game.
  14. That's an interesting theory. I guess it is semantics. It has been believed the white made the shoes look like cleats, you say it looks more athletic. It has traditionally believed the all black, properly polished made you look sharp, you say it looks dressier. Sure sounds like very similar statements, one worded to support one view, the other worded to support the other.I have no problem with white on shoes for the guys that want them, I just think it looks like hell. But I think that both on and off the field. I will not ding an umpire for their shoes, at least not if they are clean. I will tell them I don't like them but I won't tell them to stop wearing them.
  15. Furgenson if you are trying to move a host, although he might a little off the wall for the time slot. I say pick somebody that doesn't have a show, Bill Engvall, Jeff Foxworthy, or some other established but not over the top comedian. Ron White,Larry the Cable Guy, too pigionholed. Arsenio Hall or Steve Harvey would be possible choices. Kimble and Fallon are occasionally funny, Conan never is funny, and Furgenson is funny but can get in left field sometimes, which might not work for the main stream.
  16. During the Olympics they have inundated us with Jimmy Fallon taking over the Tonight Show commercials. Every one is stupid. Several years ago they tried to replace Leno with Conan, a completely unfunny person. His claim to fame was he wrote for Lettermen, see the unfunny part. Well now they want to replace Leno again, and again they have made a horrible choice. I see Fallon being a complete and utter disaster. When Carson was approaching retire,ent they brought people to guest host to see how they did. The front runners were Leno and Joan Rivers. Everybody assumed she had the job, out of the blue they picked Leno. He has done a good job. Does anybody else see this as a train wreck? Does anybody actually care?
  17. Not a new rule, Backswing interference has always been an out. There were no new rules this year.
  18. In three man the U1 rarely pivots into the infield. This is not a good reason to make him do that. The pivot in two man is simple, he has no runner to contend with. Now for him to get inside he has to do it after R1 vacates and before the BR gets there.
  19. No,no,no! For some reason umpires want to make this an out, it is not nor ever has been an out. It is a team warning, followed by an ejection for the next violation. It is a myth that simply won't die. It starts in LL, where it isn't an out either, and carries on from there. This happens to be a myth that sets my teeth on edge.
  20. I think a big reason why it has been discouraged was it made the official's shoes look like player's cleats. We want to be separate from players. Personally, I can certainly tell the difference between cleats and umpire shoes but I think it is simply ugly. I won't buy black and white shoes to wear off the field. Ugly is ugly so I remain consistent.
  21. Rich, I do have a very good idea of what it takes to run a staff. When I managed I told my parents and coaches, any umpire discussion will be done by me period. I only had to re-enforce that once in a game. My parents got all over an umpire that was completely correct. I went to talk to him, told him I understood what he called, agreed with it, just out here shutting my idiot parents up. I went back to the dugout, through it and straight to the problem parents. I told them in very unnice terms to shut up or go to their cars.
  22. OK then why? Is that question to me? @BigUmpire My question to the guys is what is the fascination with white on your shoes? Besides the fact that it god awful ugly, it is another thing you have to clean separately. Also if you decide to polish your shoes, that is really hard.
  23. 1. I am answering for baseball only, I believe softball may be different... It was on the LL Agenda in the Congress in Minneapolis... It was a proposition because of safety yes. No idea if it was accepted, but it wouldn't be in the book until at least 2015... There was some STUPID stuff on that agenda. 2. They are allowed to leadoff at the Intermediate division (13U)... Majors and below it is not allowed... Depending on your definition of steal, it could also be Intermediate... The runners can leave the base in Minors and Majors after the ball reaches the batter... So, they ARE allowed to "steal", but not until the ball reaches the batter. 3. PM me your email and I'll send you what I've made. I'm the UIC of the LL in my town... @mstaylor and @BigUmpire also have resources. Good luck! PM me, I have the LL PPT for 60 ft. As to leads, just rember 60 ft/no leads, anything longer then leads. The show bunt, then swing is legal. The umpire that told you that may be quoting a local rule, ask him to show it to you. Local rule or not, if they can't produce the rule, it is legal.
  24. Or maybe I'm just retarded Resist, resist, resist. :)
  25. But what if the batter is wearing black cleats with lots of white on them? Get 2 outs? Enforce the penalty and toss the batter for bad taste. :lol:
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