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  1. Arik, why is a stand-off not constitutionally protected? I hardly even know what an anthem stand-off is
  2. I will always stand. But if the kids want to kneel I'm not going to do anything to stop it, unless there's a new rule against it
  3. Hey I guess you're right, U-E>FB! Sent from my SM-G986U using Tapatalk
  4. You should not have allowed the batter to get first base. In LL, he cannot run to first on a D3K after he enters the dugout. Should've been 3 outs.
  5. Ah, I see. What happens if he trucks another fielder, that is not the catcher? Out + EJ?
  6. Sure. R2, double to the outfield. R2 obstructed around third base and then trucks the catcher standing with the ball at home. Also, can the defense still appeal the missed tag up if you award them 3B and they never tag up?
  7. OBR, sorry for not mentioning
  8. 1) R2, caught fly ball and R2 is attempting to retouch second base but is obstructed while going back. He a) would've made it back without obstruction and b) wouldn't have made it back. Are they awarded 3B regardless? 2) I can't find anything in the rules about this. If a runner is obstructed (type 2), what actions can they do that would override obstruction? ie interference
  9. Unsportsmanlike conduct, deviated from pathway to initiate contact. Auto EJ
  10. I'll start off by noting my age -- 16. Because of that, I feel like I take more heat than older umpires. Last night there was a close play at first base -- I called the runner safe, and I was entirely confident with my call. Coach comes out and asks for me to ask PU for help because he "had a much better angle than you." I said "she was safe" probably 3 or 4 times, because as I said, I was pretty much positive I got it right. Coach keeps asking, and I say "that's enough" while turning my back to him, which he responds with a "no, that's not enough" and follows me. I say "alright, please g
  11. Jakeump


  12. Definitely interested. Thanks for checking that out! Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  13. Shipping is pretty expensive, isn't it? Something like $35?
  14. Nice deal. Would definitely buy if you weren't in Canada.
  15. Nice! I was referring to my age though... don't worry about that
  16. Ha! What state are you in? (look at my profile )
  17. Yep! Continuous motion only applies when the pitcher has the ball in the circle AND isn't making a play on a runner. It's fair game when the ball isn't in the circle.
  18. Let me first state that I exclusively umpire for softball, so if this is incorrect, I apologize. Here is the softball rule: "If a retired runner interferes and, in the judgment of the Umpire, another runner could have been put out, the Umpire shall declare the runner closest to home out." Sounds like interference in this case, but no opportunity to put R3 out (because he would've stayed at third presumably), so just a dead ball with no outs other than the BR.
  19. Jakeump

    Fan interference?

    Yes, you are correct and I could've worded my answer a little better.
  20. I do softball, and no throw is required. The batter hindered the fielder from making a play (even if just an opportunity to make a play), so the batter is out and the runner is sent back to 2nd.
  21. I just joined this site and don't know anyone here too well, but this is horrible news. Best wishes to him and his family, and I am hoping he gets back to full strength soon.
  22. Jakeump

    Fan interference?

    Interference with an out on the fly ball. Runners return to the base at the time of the pitch. If the umpire judged the ball wouldn't have been caught without interference, they should award the runners and batter the positions they would have reached.
  23. Yes, that is correct. In this case, since the catcher is making a play on the fielder by appealing, interference by the batter would make them out. That does make me wonder, if the pitcher is switching balls for whatever reason and the batter hits the catcher, would you rule that interference?
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