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  1. I was PU for fast pitch softball little league all-star tournament last night and my partners and I had some debate after the game on a call I made in terms of how I interpreted a rule. Situation runner on second takes off on the pitch to steal 3rd. The batter steps out of the box right as the catcher comes up to throw and winds up right in the line of where the catcher was going. I notice the catcher start forward to throw, but stop to avoid running into the batter. There was no throw and no contact. However, the catcher did remove the ball from the glove and start a throw. I called interference on the batter. After the game there was debate on what is required to call interference. Does the catcher have to throw the ball to get the call? What we saw in the book was there has to be a play. However, it was not clear what is a play in this case. My read was they have to initiate a throw in some way and stop at a minimum. FWIW: the OC did ask a question about what I called. However, I told him what I had and he was happy with the answer and accepted the penalty without asking me to talk to my partners so we moved on and the debate with my partners was after the game.
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