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  1. Thanks guys for the responses. My thought also was that it was lega, but as Maven said (and was correct), it was a little awkward. So that's why I was asking.
  2. Was doing some pre-season work with local HS team tonight. Had a pitcher throwing from the windup in which he would not move his non-pivot foot. Instead, with both feet on the rubber, his first move would be lifting his pivot foot and placing it parallel to the rubber and continuing his motion. I'm trying determine if this is legal. I have not been able to find anything in the FED rules indicating that the first move needs to be the non-pivot foot. I'm trying to determine if 6.1.2 "During delivery, he may lift his non-pivot foot in a step forward, a step sideways, or in a step backward and
  3. Read a situation online that some of you may have seen and has gotten a lot of discussion and has led to about a 50/50 split in interpretation. I also have not seen it posted here yet. Bases loaded, 1 out. B4 sends a ball to the right field corner. R3 and R2 score. R1 is thrown out at the plate. BR is ruled out at 1st on appeal for missing the base. How many runs score? EDIT: Forgot to add...FED rules if it matters.
  4. Thank you. I did make the change. That was natural habit typing error.
  5. Just wondering if anyone can confirm a ruling on this situation: R3, R1 and two outs. B3 hits grounder up the middle. F6 gloves the ball and attempts to tag the sliding R1 instead of tagging the base. The tag is missed as R1 slides past the base without touching it. As R1 scrambles back to 2nd base, F6 tags him. However R3 scores before the tag was applied to R1 for the 3rd out. Curious on the ruling. My ruling is he passed the base and is “assumed” to have touched it and is called out on the tag and the run counts. Defense would need to appeal the missed base and at that poin
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