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  1. I have the original and still love it
  2. High and outside and the PU got hit???
  3. I have the same champion 200 CP and love it....I always wear a long throat guard on my mask and have never had it catch on my CP....did take a hit there so hard once that the force knocked the snaps open and it fell on the ground...thank God I had it on.
  4. I did this playing hardball...and still do this playing old man softball now...It is GTG :BD:
  5. I have the P200 and love it..:BD:
  6. We are taught with bases loaded to be in the B position. Only time I am in C position is if there is an R2
  7. First I heard about it....damm...is there a link?
  8. Yeah, that is nuts..had a score keeper in Little league last year ask me after an inning how many runs scored? He was to busy bs'ing during the inning.....I said I don't know...and he looked at me like he thought it was my job to know.....lol
  9. If I was ever asked how many runs scored...I would probably flip out...then eject myself for arguing...:D
  10. That is f'ing hilarious....score....LOL
  11. I don't think that I have once thought about quitting. Have I been aggravated yes,have I been frustrated yes,have I seen some really stupid things done by coaches that have no clue.....yes. At the end of the day, I sit down...grab a beer and usually laugh at what I had just seen.....telling my wife what happened on the field even makes her laugh....I truly believe that she knows more about the game than half the coaches...:)
  12. Just a question....do you think you had your mask to tightly adjusted to your face? This could be a contributing factor....
  13. You could still see the west vest name in smaller letters below the Wilson logo..yeah, I thought it looks small on him....guess that's why he makes the big bucks :crazy:
  14. I have the Champion and absolutely love it...:crazy:
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