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  1. Video: http://wapc.mlb.com/play?content_id=28469777
  2. I would say that umpire confirmed that he no longer wished to be an active participant in the game.
  3. The kids drawing lines is new to me. I just finished my high school baseball career and ever since I began playing I can't remember anyone ever drawing a line to "show" the umpire. I was a catcher too so I saw many at-bats. However, it seems this is extremely common considering the stories told on here. Interesting.
  4. World's Most Photogenic Fake Umpire
  5. The best part of that entire video is Mike Napoli playing with no undershirt and his jersey half-way buttoned up like he's at a frat party.
  6. I used to talk so much with the ump I believe they got sick of me. I can distinctly remember this one ump I had all the time that we would discuss MLB baseball the entire game. Even as a pitch is coming in we'd be talking about how terrible the Astros are or some bench clearing brawl. It was fun but I'm sure he got sick of me. A catcher who routinely acts as you described in #2 won't be a catcher for long.
  7. One of my biggest fears is dealing with this one day. Great advice! Thank you! After hating umpires most of my life as a catcher, it'll be very interesting to be on the other side of the equation from now on.
  8. Wait... I thought to be an ump you HAVE to have bad eyesight? I didn't know they let you ump if you weren't blind! I'm 20/20 so I guess I have to have a reverse lasik done.
  9. Don't even get me started on 18 year old girls. Just got through with one of those nutcases. What's her number! I couldn't do that to you. No one deserves that BS, definitely not a fellow ump.
  10. Thanks for the advice! I plan on getting into some late summer/fall leagues and tournaments to gain some experience for when the real heavy competition starts. Thankfully my high school athletic career just ended and I have been a catcher all of my life so I am still in relatively good shape, especially for PU duties. This forum has already taught me a lot and I do plan on attending a clinic/school. Don't even get me started on 18 year old girls. Just got through with one of those nutcases.
  11. Register as a LL umpire on the LL website. Watch all of the short videos they have . A good start that you can do at home. CALL STRIKES! Done. Thank you!
  12. I'd like to thank all of you for your help. This has been extremely informative. I'm 18, by the way, so I would be considered a "younger ump".
  13. I'm very new to umpiring (haven't even done my first game yet), but I've noticed that throughout the ranks, very few umpires seem to wear the hockey style catchers mask rather than the more popular traditional mask. Why is that? I'm currently trying to find the right gear and as a lifelong catcher, I absolutely hated the traditional mask and always stuck with the hockey style. Can anyone let me in on why the traditional mask seems to be so popular?
  14. What's up, guys? I'm a new ump from Baton Rouge, LA ready to get into the game. I'm 18 and I've played my entire life so I am excited to get back onto a field but on the officiating side of the game. I never realized just how intricate and challenging the umpiring side of the game can be. Reading this forum has been a huge eye opener. I have just started inquiring with different leagues and organizations as to how to get properly trained and get some assignments. Just the little bit I've read on these forums has already given me a ton of knowledge that I am very thankful for. Can't wait to
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