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  1. Thanks but not a fan of the low cut. Is that why you’re selling?
  2. Yes. Out of all sizes pretty much.
  3. Mine have seen better days. After 7 years of use, it's time to replace. Has anyone seen any good deals lately? I see Ump Attire has a pair for $130 currently Looking for Size 10 (maybe 9.5 or 10.5 would work). Would like new or near new condition but would consider a slightly used pair if in good shape.
  4. Pretty good price going on at Eastbay right now for plate and base shoes. Plus they are offering 25% off today too on orders over $49. Before shipping you can get New Balance V2 Plate shoes for $52.49. That's a pretty solid deal. https://www.eastbay.com/product/new-balance-new-balance-mlb-umpire-v2-shoes-mens/460BK3E.html
  5. Here is Ohio Department of Health updated return to play for baseball/softball: “Umpires calling balls and strikes should allow adequate distance behind the catcher while still able to perform their duty.“ LOL
  6. Sooo any word of a refund yet for our registration? I certainly could use that $170 now....
  7. Really? I love my Smitty convertible jacket. What dont you like about it?
  8. Thanks for the input. Ordered a plate pair. We will see how they compare.
  9. In a good or bad way? Or are they just "different" completely? I love my Honig's Poly Wools.
  10. So they are lighter (weight/feel wise) than the Honigs poly-wools?
  11. Did a quick search but couldn't find anything. Opinions on these? https://purchaseofficials.com/collections/all/products/copy-of-smitty-advanced-technology-4-way-stretch-umpire-pants-1?variant=17489788239937 Whats the thoughts on these? I've had Honigs Poly Wools (2 different versions, bought one in like 2014 and another in 2017) and love them. Now I believe Honigs as another pair/version of poly wools out. How do these hold up?
  12. Thanks Jim - I was so confused watching this live and didn't have the luxury of rewinding it. I was sitting next to a friend and we both looked at each other with that "what the hell just happened" look. Makes sense now that the scoreboard was wrong. I couldn't believe that neither side disputed it or the entire crew missed it.
  13. This may be the only plausible explanation. But it was pretty clear (with replay) it hit the batters protective elbow guard.
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