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  1. Really? I love my Smitty convertible jacket. What dont you like about it?
  2. Thanks for the input. Ordered a plate pair. We will see how they compare.
  3. In a good or bad way? Or are they just "different" completely? I love my Honig's Poly Wools.
  4. So they are lighter (weight/feel wise) than the Honigs poly-wools?
  5. Did a quick search but couldn't find anything. Opinions on these? https://purchaseofficials.com/collections/all/products/copy-of-smitty-advanced-technology-4-way-stretch-umpire-pants-1?variant=17489788239937 Whats the thoughts on these? I've had Honigs Poly Wools (2 different versions, bought one in like 2014 and another in 2017) and love them. Now I believe Honigs as another pair/version of poly wools out. How do these hold up?
  6. Thanks Jim - I was so confused watching this live and didn't have the luxury of rewinding it. I was sitting next to a friend and we both looked at each other with that "what the hell just happened" look. Makes sense now that the scoreboard was wrong. I couldn't believe that neither side disputed it or the entire crew missed it.
  7. This may be the only plausible explanation. But it was pretty clear (with replay) it hit the batters protective elbow guard.
  8. Top of the 11th with Troike at bat. I thought the bases were loaded, but the graphic on tv could have been wrong. It was on BTN. This happened. 3-2 pitch, hit the guy. Kept him there. I was shocked. Neither manager said anything.
  9. I know Vancena was pitching during this.
  10. I thought this too, but I remember the announcers saying that it was a 3-2 pitch and it was an important pitch.
  11. Can't find any video of this...but hoping someone caught it or can clear this up. Situation: extra innings (can't remember the inning), bases loaded, 2 outs, 3-2 count Play: Inside breaking curveball. The batter leans into the pitch and permits the ball to hit him. It appears to be the correct call. The home plate umpire calls time and points for the batter to stay at the plate. Here's where it gets interesting.....he brings him back, okay, that is right. But the count stays at 3-2. They essentially play it again, a do-over. The announcers, clueless of course, mention that the umpire has the authority to render a "do-over" pitch. What happened? And did a Big 10 crew screw this play up?
  12. Am I correct in remembering that the only true requirement is for post-season assignments?
  13. I believe the NCAA test may only be a requirement to work regular season D1 games. Then I have a feeling they do use it for post-season D1, D2, and D3 games. The reason I say this is, because a couple years back I completely forgot to take the test. At all. No attempt. It was a crazy time in my life... newborn, new job, mother-in-law passed away, dad passed away...all in a span of about 45 days. Needless to say, the test was on the back burner and before I could take it the test was closed. I still worked like 35 games that year (D2, D3, NAIA). I did not have any post-season stuff though.
  14. R1 and R3, no one out. The pitcher comes set and R1 starts running toward 2nd base. F1 turns and throws to 2nd base. a. Balk for throwing to an unoccupied base. b. A pitcher may throw to an unoccupied base if it is an attempt to retire a runner. c. The pitcher must step back legally off the pitcher's plate before he may throw to second. The wording here...are they trying to throw me off? Does F1 just turn and throw while engaged with the rubber? I am assuming so, since it doesn't say he does spins or steps off... It wouldn't be a balk for throwing in an unoccupied base.... so the answer is C, right?
  15. So you have it as legal. Others have it has he must remove him after the first batter. Which is it? This is the only question that is holding me up.
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