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  1. And again you have confirmed my decision to leave this forum, wow. Love umpiring but I'm done with this place, cheers.
  2. My default call on something like that is out.
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Ar8qGXoJGw0 Any thoughts on this?
  4. The penalty for RLI does not require sending R3 to 2B. base last legally touched when RI occurs, correct?
  5. Me: I asked for help, we got it right, he's out, get your ass back in the dugout skipper.
  6. That was horrible.
  7. Injuries happen and if they happen during a live ball then yes, of course a player can be tagged out, conscious or unconscious. Let the play happen and kill it as soon as you possibly can.
  8. So you call coaches rats because you dislike them then?
  9. HeadHunterLA


    "Flare" is not one of your options. Your options for fair batted balls are "ground ball," "bunted ball," "line drive," or "fly ball." The first 3 cannot be IFF, but this batted ball was clearly none of the 3. I use the word flare to show it was in between "line drive" and "fly ball".....in this case I believe it is closer to the former which is why I agree with Barrett. Looked to me that F1 could have with ordinary effort got under that and make a catch, IFF in my opinion, 1B umpire thought so too but choked a bit.
  10. Seriously? The guy started to round the bag because he thought the ball was going to CF. When he realized F6 made a "damn good recovery" he tried to play it off. This wasn't even a hard call to make in a 4 man crew, it was his only responsibility at the time. And 99% of people on here agree with me, but everyone has the right to an opinion, including Diaz who kicked the SH*# out of this one.
  11. Just curious, why do you call them RATS?
  12. Way to go Cooper, totally miss one and then act like an ass, well done.
  13. Whatever, but that pitch wasn't a strike in any league, well maybe LL. Never mind definitive proof that it was indeed a strike. . Facts are of no concern to HHLA. Ortiz is a great hitter but an effing crybaby. 17 years, my ass. Trust my eyes more than those supposed facts.
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