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  1. Which rule or rules do you personally call by the SPIRIT (or intent) of the rule vs. the rule as it is written if there are any? If so, why? Just want some good dialogue going.
  2. This was an ASA (softball) game NOT baseball.
  3. So if a pitch is way inside the batters box and the batter doesn't make any movement whatsoever to avoid being hit by it, youre not going to call the HBP even though the pitch was way inside the batters box? If it looks like a duck, waddles like a duck and smells like a duck......call it a duck! That is exactly the kind of nit picky thing that players/coaches/fans get upset over. Remember, perception is reality.
  4. Maybe next time just say "FOUL!"? Everyone knows its a ball, they want to know if its fair or foul.
  5. Isnt the rulebook considered a set of "guidelines"? Its not going to cover every exact situation that can arise. In this case the only reason the batter was involved was because of the bad pitch by the pitcher and that the catcher made a "bad play" by not coming up with the ball. So why penalize the batter?
  6. So this is the "SPIRIT" of the rule or is this the by the book rule?
  7. millerforrest

    Is it a balk?

    Once he engages, then the ball drops, its a balk with runners on. With nobody on base, its a different answer all together depending on the level of play.
  8. No need to justify your calling of a "ball". It makes you sound defensive.
  9. Perfect example why the 90 isn't the best option while taking 1-2 steps in fair territory from the "A" position is. The BU is more apt to see a potential "pulled foot" or "swipe tag" scenario.
  10. Didn't realize what I typed was "offensive" or being taken that I was being a "dick". Just stating that those are the only times that really need to vocalize & signal "Play".
  11. The only times when "Play" should be vocalized and pointed is to start the game & whenever there are any runners on base and after a foul or "time" has been called.
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