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  1. Thats all that I could come up with also. So you think this is justifiable by that rule?
  2. ^^^^ not true!! My advice is to use it like a beer bong! plug the holes with your fingers, then hold it above your head, remove fingers and enjoy! its like one of those punch fountains at weddings, but portable!
  3. Hell I'd even say the $8 one from Walmart is better then nothing! I use one I got at academy and it has saved me many times including uncaught fastballs straight in. But my next gear purchase will be the nutty buddy as much for comforts sake as anything, according to all I've read on U-E.
  4. What if the game is not a blow out. What if it is happening in the championship game of a tourny (other then FED) and the catcher and/or myself is getting hit bad enough that one of us could sustain a season ending injury? By the rules I cant get an out or really penalize it in any way. But I dont want to allow it to continue. What are my options? Honest question!
  5. I hit 100! this will be 101! Many useless comments on awesome threads! I have learned a lot already!
  6. Hey, at least the coaches had a clue! Where I call they probably wouldn't have noticed. And as far as telling the catcher to give you some time..... ha! Matter of fact I took an uncaught one off my left hand the other night (didn't hurt too bad as my hands were on the side of my knee and just got knocked down). It was a RH batter and my nose was on the inside corner and the coach was griping and wanting a strike!?!
  7. I use some under armor shoes that are actually running shoes. But I also wanted a pair because there is a very good chance I will be coaching HS baseball next year. But we are Blue so red is the only color that wouldn't work, unfortunately.
  8. Does anyone have these? Are they good? This seems like a great deal! Edit: They only have my size in red. too bad.
  9. At the crack of the bat I wouldn't consider F3 to be in the act of fielding. So I have nothing. Maybe on a fast grounder but not on a ball that qualifies for the IFF. Edit: And if hes not fielding then I guess he is obstructing, but it depends alot on what happens. HTBT for the crack of the bat Sitch.
  10. That is why i pregame with my partner. Make sure everyone understands fair/foul responsibility. But if it did happen we would have to get together. One of us would have had to call it prematurely. Thats why I dont call a close ball (or point) until it stops moving or is touched (or goes past the bag). I have seen baseballs do some crazy things with regard to bouncing, backspin and things like that.
  11. "IFF batter is out!" ........ "I have interference, runner is out!" easiest double play the defense ever got.
  12. I have one team who will let the pitcher or catcher walk them back, then when they pull up to throw it to F1 or he turns and goes to the mound. They take off a few steps again only to keep repeating it. It doesnt bother me up to a point. At this age the defense needs to learn to not turn their back and to be on their toes. At the same time once it happens 5 or 6 times im calling "Time". Its obvious hes not going to steal, hes just delaying the game.
  13. I would have said "yes he does" but I would have to let the coach give instructions. If he doesn't know then they get no appeal, period. No one can complain if I DONT coach the players... but if you do it may lead to an EJ that you brought about. You have to be very careful with this.
  14. Can you please find a rule citation for this? Nope, cause we (myself and you) both know its not there. Thats just how he does it. I have discussed it with him and am waiting on the day he gets a protest.
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