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  1. kristoffae

    Fair or foul

    I need to know this as well. Please help a brother out!
  2. kristoffae


    @maven, based on the rule, does the throw to F3 and not 1B constitues "feinting toward first base"? Thanks for your insight as always!
  3. kristoffae


    I think that anytime the game is played under time limit restrictions we must accept that it will spawn uncommon situations like the one described in the OP. All involved (including the officials) have accepted the playing terms and must accept the result. I don't see it as a travesty. What if the runner stayed at third and then the OC requested time to make have a mound visit / defensive conference to eat up the remainder of the clock? Good strategy or travesty?
  4. No. The out on the runner from first (R1) is a force.
  5. No, there is no rule he is reading that everyone else is not. If he thinks that is Batter Interference, he is simply wrong.
  6. unless the batted ball has passed an infielder other than the pitcher and no other fielder could have fielded it, then it is nothing. This most often occurs when the infielders are playing in and the runner advancing from 2nd to 3rd is behind them.
  7. You just described my wife except for the thin waist. More like a bowling ball body.
  8. Locals. I get called to work Astros minor league intrasquad games during spring training. It is a good gig. They give you $100 cash and lunch in the dining hall after the game.
  9. 8A Regional Semi tonight at 7

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