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  1. If you like the pants but not expander buy a size smaller.It worked for me and no extra baggage.
  2. In this situation I clear catcher on his right and straddle the foul line.Keeping in mind i may have a play at the plate.
  3. smoyer


    Thanks to everybody.
  4. smoyer


    I will try that.Thanks.
  5. I had left thumb surgery in January.Indicator is still a little rough to use.Does anybody know of anyway to make the wheels easier to turn?
  6. Has anybody worn any kind of padding to protect their wrist? I had surgery and looking for something to wear for a short time.
  7. You umpires who use the rods across the back seats, aren't you afraid somebody will break in your car and steal gear?Just wondering.
  8. Has anybody used diamond featherweight shins?What is your opinion?Ok for Little League?
  9. The funny remarks about mooning,that's two coach etc. would be great to do in the last game of your umpiring career.
  10. Listen to Brian c14,guard needs to reach cp.
  11. After each game clean with a mixture of Murphys oil and water mix.Then use one of those shine sponge from the shoe store.During the season 3 or 4 times,clean with saddle soap .It is especially made for leather.If you rub hard enough it will remove the marks on your shoes.Then buff and it will give a good shine.You can also use the shine sponge on it or hair spray.I use shine sponge instead of shoe polish because it gives almost as good as shine and only takes a minute to put on and after the first inning the shoes are dirty anyway.The key is saddle soap or some type of leather conditioner.Give it a good work over after the season before you store than away.
  12. smoyer

    1st EJ in 600+

    The ejection you regret the most is the one you did not make.IMO good job.
  13. Congratus John.I know a fellow umpire who went in 2010.He said it was a life time experience.They have discussions after the games wanting your input and giving you input.According to him, a very rewarding experience.Do not worry about getting hungary plenty of food and it is good. GOOD LUCK
  14. Besides cleaning you mask pads,do you put anything else on them to smell good?
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