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  1. Mudisfun

    Hit by pitch

    Great pic! You have changed my mind in this scenario.
  2. Mudisfun

    Hit by pitch

    The technical right call should be 'you stay here'. Reality? The foot is behind the plate, in front of the catcher who is most likely blocking me out, so unless I am 10000000% that the foot is outside the box, that batter is going to 1st. Any chance a 1/16" of the shoe is touching chalk? Doubtful that anyone has a better view of this either, other than the pitcher and maybe my partner(s) if they are inside by the mound. This is one of those tough ones to catch and enforce appropriately.
  3. Mudisfun

    Balk conundrum

    Heck... put the next batter in the box and tell them to pitch. Get one pitch and if the original batter has not gotten to 1st, throw down, call him out and the balk can not longer be enforced since a subsequent play occurred. Is there a rule which says the defense HAS to play on a runner who has not achieved 1st yet? The rules say the offense needs to run the bases legally, but is there an actual requirement that the batter runner achieve 1st before putting the next batter in the box? The defense screwed up, I agree, but no reason we have to let the offense make a mockery of the situation as well.
  4. I swear I worked with this guy a few months back. Unfortunately in my case, he didn't leave... he stayed all game.
  5. Did a 10u Pony tournament a few years back that used this rule. Of course none of the kids understood, nor 1/2 the coaches. The pickings were so good that if the ball was even 1/2 way to the plate we would let it slide. 6 inning game, 36 total outs per game. No kidding, we grabbed at least 10 outs for the kid breaking the moment the pitcher started his motion. If we did not let the other slide we could have grabbed another 10 outs, easy. Have not had another game using this rule in Pony since... and thankfully so. None of the Pony programs around me use it, so none of the players were experienced with having to stay on the base.
  6. Hopefully you didn't have any bangers at first! Just fix it. Not a lot you can do at that point.
  7. Love it that the manager gets what he wants and the crew gets together. Then when he doesn't get what he was looking for in the call going his way, he proceeds to argue again and gets dumped. What a tool.
  8. As mentioned use the lines, but when those are not available, use the catcher. If he is set up directly behind the plate, any ball caught from outside edge of knee to knee is a strike. For 13 and up, normally this gets you a larger zone with anything outside his body a ball. If the catcher moves in or out, then prior to the pitch, see where is is holding the glove. Inside is easier to deal with since the ball is coming right at you. For outside, most the time F2 will set his glove on the outside edge, or even a little outside of the plate; know where he starts. If that glove moves any further out to catch the ball from the starting point, then it is not a strike, depending on how far you looking to expand the zone today. Also, the level of pitching will help you. Have players who barely can hit water falling out of a boat? Expand the zone. Get batters swinging. No one wants to see a walk fest, no pitcher wants to throw 1-2 innings and hit their max count. I've had HS "Varsity" games that had a looser zone than a 11U LL game due to the level of pitching available. Know what? The kids swung, they hit the ball, people cheered, players played and the game moved. Have worked with partners on those same games who called a tight zone, no one played, everyone walked and 3+ hours later we called the game due to darkness. That partner was blocked immediately when I got in the car. Adjust to the level of play. If both teams are griping about the zone being too tight, then listen to them and open it up a little. They most likely have not had someone all season calling a super tight zone and they are not looking for that.
  9. Unless the runner did something to interfere with the throw, it is just a bad thrown. Ball coming from the home plate area, the runner heading to 1st needs to be in the runners lane to be protected from interfering with the thrown ball. Ball coming from elsewhere on the field, unless the runner is purposely swatting or similar, play the bounce.
  10. Nope, no way a better man. Dumber man than you, yes....
  11. We are so low on umpires, most off season is solo. I am working 3 on Sunday, 9 inning for $100/game... but this is going to be an awfully long day.
  12. Mudisfun

    Crowd noise

    No... but in a men's league, I bet the other side fans will address it.
  13. I always enjoy having R3 and F2 wanders out to the mound to talk to F1... definitely no play on since no one is paying attention or covering the plate. Have mentioned to many F2's that if R3 or their BC was paying any bit of attention, they would have scored without any effort. Bottom line? If you want time, ask for it. And when the inevitable happens, be it the play in the OP, or my scenario with F3 scoring and the coach is less than happy? Hey coach, you have 9 players on the field and 1-10 coaches in the dugout who could have asked for time, OR, you have 1 coach in the dugout and 2 coaching bases, in addition to your runners who could have requested time. Don't put your lack of paying attention on me. Under HS age, yes, I will do preventative umpiring. HS level? You are on your own.
  14. Mudisfun


    Had a slightly different issue last summer. Same deal, double header, hot as hell... worked the first game on the bags and the 2nd on the dish. Hydrated like crazy during the 2nd game; like 6-7 water bottles by the end of the game. Sometime around the 5th inning I started noticing my fine motor muscles starting to cramp. Finger cramp, rib cramps, small of my back cramps, etc... At the end of the game, I am in full heat exhaustion. Major muscle cramps walking back to the car, lack of sweating, head ache, etc... turned on the car/AC, dumped a gallon straight over my head after stripping the shirt and CP (soaked my pants which were already soaked) and started hydrating with more water, Cramps subsided, drove the 45 minutes home and as I walked in my wife asked "did you have fun?", said no, and almost immediately started cramping up all over again. Hydrated and fought cramps for the next 2 hours until I got evened out. Chatted with a buddy of mine who we call Doc because, well, he is a medical doctor... never said we were imaginative. We discussed hydration versus mineral, electrolyte replenishment and how I screwed the pooch on that one. The cramping was all lack of replenishing salts, magnesium and potassium as well as sugars and some other vitals. Went to the store and started looking at what products were available... Found Pedialyte as a great option as well as Electrolit which is a sports drink sold right by the other ones in the soda aisle. The difference is this product actually has a ton of replenishment value versus drinks like Gatorade. Also, when working multiple games, I try and bring a bunch of Orange Juice for between games as it replenishes a ton of what I lost in the heat. Basically, ever since this happened last year, I started paying attention to not only proper hydration but replenishment,. In the intervening time, I have not had an issue. Worked an 8 game set a few weeks back over a weekend in 90+ degrees, and other than having to pee a ton, I had zero issues with cramping. Do I recommend 8 games in a weekend, nope... did it for vacation fun money. Bottom line... hydration is only part of the issue. You need to replenish your whole body.
  15. Fine... go 3 man, U3 on the line... smarty!
  16. Let's bring this back to a level most of us will be working... you, and a partner, 2 teams and maybe 30 fans watching and no replay. Now what do you do, or what do you have?
  17. What do I think? A) Never listen to the broadcasters, especially when they initially claim the pitch was 'behind him'. Unless that batter was standing backwards. a little inside is not behind anyone. B) He 100% moved his leg into the path of the ball. C) If he just stood still, more than likely his back thigh would have been hit, and in that scenario, more than likely he would have been awarded 1st. D) Good call. E) Can't believe I am saying this, but good job by Boone coming out, keeping his head and saving his player. All too often the player is dumped and THEN the manager comes out to 'save his player', whatever that means after that have already been shown the door.
  18. I was at the game with my daughter (you met her at Fountain Valley) and a few other cronies. You guys did a great job! Hawaii just beat the tar out of AZ... Was glad it didn't end up a 15 run mercy in the 3rd after 2 hours of traffic!
  19. So a couple things I see/saw watching this and some supposition: I bet in the pregame with the crew, this conversation occurred: If you get blown off the line, PU will take all fair/foul calls... The moment, U3 had to jump out of the way, at least the way we work our 4 man mechanics locally, this call becomes the PU's. When watching live, my first thought was the hands up was him just "o'Le"ing out of the way, but then after seeing it again, obviously that was not the case. U3 if calling this foul should have been BIG!!! FOUL, FOUL, FOUL!!!! Pointing foul and killing all play. His half hearted foul call contributed to the breakdown. We all know what the book says on a fair ball inadvertently called foul, but then there is also what WR and WP say when working the tournament. Since the PU was able to go to replay, the ruling most likely came straight from WP. Since they have replay, they most likely based the base award (score) on the location of the ball, the location of the fielder and the position of the runner(s). Protesting a call administered by WP already is going to go nowhere... they ruled on the play. I give huge kudos to the losing manager. You could tell he wanted nothing more than to lace into the crew... but recalled he was on national TV and took the high road. We will see how long that lasts when he gets home and the interviews start.
  20. Completely agree with this and I do the exact same thing. I do not sneak up on them, just walk to the back and join their huddle. I'm referring more to coaches coming out on you in your office. You are correct, his antics may get the crowd more into it, but when that video is playing for the 10 millionth time in You Tube, I want him to look like the complete ass hat losing his composure and not me.
  21. @JonnyCatwill have the stick tonight for the 6pm Western Regional Championship game! He is going to get some serious ESPN primetime love. Go get em!
  22. Watching the LL Regionals at San Bernardino and our @JonnyCat is working 1st base with my buddy Dean on the plate. Announcers actually gave both Jon and Dean some serious love mentioning how they like their mechanics. Just thought I would throw out that our friend is kicking butt on ESPN. As I was typing this, they just tried to challenge a call Jon made at 1st which he called an out on and they challenged a pulled foot. Runner is out, call is confirmed. Keep it up Jon!
  23. What @maven said, plus understand that unless you are in the pro ranks somewhere, coaches do not get to 'get their monies worth' on anything. They may not be happy, they may not like a ruling, but they never, ever, get to pull the crap you see on TV in amateur youth baseball. Be approachable. Be calm. I try to always face the field and let the coaches face the stands. That way when they get animated, the people see him losing control, not me. Answer questions, not statements. They are competing to win, not you. They spend hours and hours a week with their team practicing, you don't. Understand where they are coming from and it makes it easier to understand why they are passionate and want the call to go their way. This should not influence you, but understanding the why helps understand their reactions. And then there are just some ass hats out there who are, well... ass hats.
  24. You were there with my D62 brother Chris 'Chains' Costlow.
  25. Because we have never watched a pro, MLB 4 man crew screw up the IFF situation, right? I know many of the LL regional and WS umpires. Most of them are also varsity HS level umpires at a minimum with many of them being NCAA officials as well. For the majority of these folks, they are on a stage WAY bigger than any most of us will ever participate on when thinking about millions of people watching them versus our normal games of a maybe a couple hundred at most. Bottom line? Be nice...
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