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  1. And if he is getting ready for HS ball under NFHS picking from wind up ............
  2. Video would be more helpful
  3. Radwaste50

    Balk or no balk?

    If it is my check is not correct
  4. All I could think about is the old Morgana clips and delays
  5. If I am picturing this correctly, it would look very weird and he is stepping more towards first than toward home without throwing to first. This would be a step balk violation 6.2.4a
  6. Watch your calibrations on these units. Check your manual many have to be redone on an annual basis (end of the season and calibration maybe an expense to the league). That being said so glad it was their when needed
  7. I heard he came in and gave a presentation one evening for the latest class.
  8. Going back a ways to the year NCAA changed the rule that a change of direction was not a pause. First game of the season on a cold and windy night the starting pitcher allows a bse hit on second pitch. With runner on first he does the bounce and pitch thing I quietly advised him I need a complete pauseand recieved the stink eye. He bounces through again and I call the balk. His response is a FU. NO sheep on the field son he's done after four pitches into the top of 1
  9. Radwaste50

    Jim Evans School

    The guest states that he aspires to MLB. If that is the case he has to go to one of the MiLB feeder schools to start on the path. JEAPU is no longer an option and clinics dont feed MiLB. Get yourself to Florida nest month young man and enjoy the experience
  10. There is also the crisis communitcation and community involvement aspect
  11. The runner at second is out, he interfered with the play. Assuming that the infield is in their normal positions and not drawn in so that the ball has not passed the fielders.
  12. a good quick reference to LL tournament rules https://www.llumpires.com/files/2018_tournament_rules_chart_bb.pdf
  13. I upgraded to the stylish Walmart hanging bar between the OS handles
  14. Balled lodged in uniform will be dead and awarded based on pitchers actions prior to pickoff Under his body is not lodged but cannot intentionally interfere, can't lay there while all teammates run forever
  15. Either a right fist out or red flag The rule book takes a full page attempting to explain what to do in all possible situations when any runner leaves early before a hit. I will try to simplify it. It's not easy though. There is one loophole in the rule that allows the offense to go unpenalized. If a runner or runners are forced to advance and have left early and the batter gets a "clean" hit. No penalty is imposed. A "clean" hit means it was a single, double or triple in the umpire's judgment. If it was a hit and an error or an advance on the throw, the batter will be sent back to the base that was the scored value and all runners must go back to the bases they originally held or the one nearest the batter. Any time a base becomes available after a hit, runners will be sent back. Here are some basic keys that help simplify the rule: 1. If one runner is guilty they are all guilty. 2. You move the batter-runner back to where you judge the value of the clean hit. Any advance made by him, beyond his scored hit, is nullified. 3. Place all runners back on their original bases whenever possible. Put them as close as possible to the batter-runner after placing the batter-runner at the base judged to be the clean hit. 4. If any bases become empty due to any runner or the batter-runner being put out, return the runners to those bases. EXAMPLE: Bases loaded, no outs. Batter hits a "clean" double, and tries for third thinking the throw is going home. The throw is cut-off and they get him out at third. Before the hit a runner left early. Guess what? The batter is out and ALL runners return. Because his out left bases empty, you put all runners back to their original bases. The offense just loves that call! In that same play, if the out on the batter had been the third out, no runs would count due to the fact that they could have been put back if it had not been the third out. The really love that call!!! When a runner leaves early he remains guilty even if he returns before or after a hit. EXAMPLE: A runner on 2nd leaves early, then a fly ball is hit to right field. The runner retouches after the catch and heads for 3rd. The throw gets past F5 and the runner scores. RULING: You put the runner back on second.
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