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  1. $300 obo. Never worn, has tags attached still. Size 50 Regular. Can't figure out how to upload the photos lol
  2. Getting my Tax Refund and ordering new gear!
  3. .... and getting an upgrade from a freshman game to a varsity game . Like today. Congrats Carpenter, you have arrived. Now don't be a Red ass
  4. What are they doing with it? Team Wendy pads? Just ordered a gold from UA today
  5. where in Michigan? I would like some work
  6. Not going... wanna go how do I become a premium member?
  7. Sorry my friend, B has been the standard for 1st and 3rd for a lot longer then this year CCA says B as well Yes, but what about CCA? lol. This was the topic. Lol
  8. only time PU rotates to 3B is taking B1 to 3B on a gap shot. he goes up 3B line with enough time to pause, read and react to the play. The ball/play will bring him into fair territory for the call if its there.
  9. Sorry my friend, B has been the standard for 1st and 3rd for a lot longer then this year CCA says B as well
  10. Sorry my friend, B has been the standard for 1st and 3rd for a lot longer then this year
  11. Networking comes later, but at first get to know other more senior umpires. If you can pick one that you want to be like because of his mechanics/rules knowledge, game management etc. and make him your mentor. Always show up to your assignments 30-45 minutes early and get a pre-game with your partner. If you really want to impress people and get your name out there, call your partner(s) a day or so before your games to talk about plate/ base assignments, where to meet and color options. This will let them know you are thinking ahead and you mean business. Nothing impresses me more then a junior umpire contacting me before I contact them. I agree with everyone about looking the part. Dressing like a real umpire makes you feel like one and others (coaches) will believe you are. At camps get numbers and emails of other umpires in your area. Good umpires will help you get games and give you a shot if they see you are driven.
  12. Don't make the mistake of fraternizing with coaches. It doesn't look good to anyone watching. Write it down and go over it again at the end of your season for improvement next year. Everyone has these games whether they admit it or not. Just don't let em see you sweat
  13. There is no state separation in collegiate baseball. There is a post game ejection everywhere.
  14. Thanks. I am part of the CBUA (Fetchiet) Have games as I stated. Just trying to get noticed more
  15. Just wondering if any of you have been to the Mike Walsh Clinic. I have been trying to register for this year and they still haven't updated their website. Looking for thoughts on how to expand my career into getting noticed in the college world. Received some assignments this year, but not many. This clinic was recommended by a D1 ump I met at the NCAA meeting in Chicago this year. Any insight would be helpful. Thanks
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