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  1. Warren. Like riding a bike, after about 10 minutes, was able to take off the training wheels. Looks great congratulations. John.,
  2. I try and talk to the catcher first, if he doesnt understand. Start calling Balls. If coach gets chippy, talk to him. Dont move out, just up and back. But if you like the slot, talk to the catcher...... Varsity guys understand it; JV not so much.
  3. The Poly/Wools are great, even in the Florida sun and they actually breathe very well. I use the Smitty Pants (Plug for Ump-attire.com) for non-varsity games or goof off games, but for anything serious, the Poly/Wools and they are well worth the coin. John
  4. Like Penfold....talk to the catcher first, if he "gets it" no more issues. I will sometimes talk about it when I am giving him an initial look, just to set up the ground rules with him. But only with experienced guys.....or you have a heap of trouble with coaches....
  5. no....2/14.....Valentines..... well, I thought everyday was Valentines..... Just have to get flowers the day before and save the 250% markup ha ha....John
  6. As said above. Get the good stuff. Platinum chest protector; great mask (I use catchers Easton Stealth Mask; and usually crack one a season); I also use catchers shin guards Easton Stealth ones and cut off the bottoms; New Balance Shoes; both plate and base........ and wear a throat protector 6'' one...That will cover it... Dont get cheap. For pants, if HS, buy the Poly/wools; but for average games the smitty combo pants work great..and in FLA...HYDRATE....John
  7. HYDRATE BOYS....or try this.... it does work nicely. http://www.blackicecooling.com/personal-cooling-products-ccx-k.html
  8. Brad. I too use catcher shin guards, Easton Stealth, I cut off the flaps at the bottom. They are heavier, but never have I been hit there and been hurt.
  9. I like that nothing about the bellybutton. So your zone is a "cigar box"? Ha ha... For me, just look at his normal stance, if he crouches top of letters and bottom of knees...
  10. Warren. I always try and remember this. Leave on the side of the winning team if possible and MOST IMPORTANTLY. If both sides are yelling at you during a game, you are doing a hell of a job....John
  11. I never sweat, I glisten... the best ball bags are the ultimate ones from www.umpattire.com Jim and staff do a great job too
  12. Kyle. You forgot a very important one. Smells like cologne, leave it alone.....
  13. Pete makes a great point. If you can do it, by not calling time, take a second or two and do it. If a man on third, take a peek..... if a kid just slid into home, and you have a dirt pile, call time and make it pretty..... Dont use your feet unless you can make a quick swipe to remove a bit. The guys that dont take out a brush, look like garbage....
  14. I have a rather large coconut, thus the one that fits me best is the Easton Stealth Catchers Helmet. I love it and have cracked two, but very protective. You can do a little searching and usually can find the price of it on a retail side of $119, to be dropped into the $65 dollar range...and YES, I wear a 6'' Wilson throat protector with it, and that is also a KEY.
  15. Very well done, congratulations. As my dad would say, it (talent) skips a generation.
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