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  1. @BigUmpire Feel free to call my response what you want... but I'm not here to bad mouth any of our competitors, and I wouldn't want them here doing the same. I originally came on here a few years ago to help answer any All-Star specific questions. Plus, there are lots of others out there who have used both and have posted their experiences and comparisons. If you wish to call in and ask me specifics, please do. @jbucks Those guys all get custom MVP4000's where a removable logo is applied. On a standard MVP2500 and MVP4000, the logo's are permanent. Please never ever use a product like Goo-gone on any kind of helmet! Those chemicals can do some harmful stuff to the shells of helmets. If you ever wash the helmet, soap and water goes a long way! Thanks,
  2. @BigUmpire If you're looking for a specific helmet comparison, please call into our office up (800 777 3810). If you have any specific questions on our helmets, I would be more than happy to answer here. Thanks!
  3. Hey Guys! Hope everyone has been doing well! Been a while since I chimed in here! HRM is a great store. Typically, they only list an item if they have it in their own company stock... so when you order, you should feel totally confident that it will ship that same day or the next business day at the latest. The MVP2500 is awesome. If you ever have any questions or issues feel free to call us up (1 800 777 3810). -Brad
  4. Hey guys, We recently came across a situation and we need your help to relay information to other umpires, coaches, and players. We learned that a prototype softball-only face mask somehow made it on to a production helmet and reached the public. As far as we know, this is the only one, but we can never be too careful, so this is why we are coming to you. The only helmets possibly affected are the adult size MVP2500 series. The prototype mask has wider eye opening of 2.5 inches. Such a wide eye opening is not safe for regulation baseballs. Our MVP2500 series headgear should have an eye spacing no larger than 2.0 inches, measured inside to inside. Please see the following link for more information. http://www.all-stars...LERT/index.html Please check your helmets, your crew’s helmets, and any catchers using an MVP2500. We greatly appreciate your help spreading the word. If you have any questions, please ask. Thanks, Brad
  5. Jax, feel free to give me a call. 800 777 3810
  6. Hey Jax, Measure from the center of your knee down to your ankle... that measurement should hopefully come close to the 17 or 18 inch length. The nice thing is that the knee pad is a bit adjustable, so if they are a bit too short for you, you can easily drop the location of the knee pad about an inch.
  7. Perfect guys! Wash on a cold cycle, small amount of detergent. Toss a couple towels in too. Then just let them air dry. IMHO, having a second set of padding for your CP or MVP is a huge advantage.
  8. Hey jflores, You want the mask to be snug, but not too tight. For many people, the mask fits pretty much right out of the box. It's not the kind of thing you want to wear too loose.
  9. After getting some feedback on it, we will likely open it up a bit... but not by a ton. We cut it close on purpose because we really wanted to protect the collar bone area as much as possible. This would be phased in for the 2013 season...
  10. Hey guys, If you want the CPU4000 harness you're just going to have to buy the CPU4000! Kidding aside, the CPU4000 harness (model no:CPUHPRO) will be available early February. Just looked it up. We're not going to have tons of them, so first come first serve. Sorry we didn't bring more in sooner... but we were hoping that umpires with the CPU4000 wouldn't wear out their harness in less than a season! Sorry we over looked you guys looking to modify your gear! -Brad
  11. Oh man, I can assure you that at $2, they would have lost a chunk of cash! Can't blame you guys for trying!
  12. Hey Guys! Thanks for the interest! It’s been fun watching the chatter going on! FYI, there are about five guys on the forum (and a chuck of guys off the forum) who have been testing it since the end of June. If they want, they are more than welcome to post some reviews on the CPU4000. These guys were chosen because they have literally been giving us constant feedback for just about a solid year now. They have been extremely helpful during the development process of this thing. I had a blast interacting with them! Pretty neat. Everyone on this forum has been amazing! We received so much feedback and design inspiration from here! This is technically a new item for the 2012 season. However, we will have limited inventory for the end of 2011 from mid September through November. First come first serve on those! The retail price range is still up in the air because we do not set those, we leave that up to the stores which represent our brand. So, you will have to check with your local All-Star dealers. Unfortunately, it’s so new, no online retail sites will even have it listed yet. Again, thanks for the interest and your patience!
  13. Powdercoating is your best bet if you want to do this yourself. However, Id suggest you give us (All-Star) a call and ask to purchase the MVPACC:BK. We can sell direct for replacement parts like this. I'd also suggest that you replace all the metal brackets, or cage clips as we call them, which secure the cage to the shell. The more times those brackets flex the weaker they can get... and they flex when you remove the cage from the helmet. Hope this helps! -Brad
  14. boyinr is right. No such thing as PUC pads. Only LUC. LUC stands for Lightweight UltraCool. Basically, a fancy way of saying breathable and fast drying. That link for the pads will work perfectly. They don't show a picture, but that model number is correct.
  15. Harnesses are the easiest things to change. The harness shown is what most catchers want because it grips skull caps fantastically. I gauarantee that if you are interested in it, you can call Lesters and ask if he can swap the harness for you.
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