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  1. Hello I'm new to this community and am interested in purchasing a umpire coat size 48r.  Any possibilities? 

  2. Warren

    New UI

    Holy Crap it looks bad in Explorer & FF Grrr   Switching to the default until I have a fix.   For those who use chrome you can still use this theme by selecting change theme in the bottom left and selecting New UE.
  3. We're Back! With completely new software which will give you a better user experience. Please play around in the site and test out some of the new features. Shortly I will be making video tutorials to help explain how get the most out of the site. We are proud to announce we have partnered with three great organizations who will further enhance your user experience. Ump-Attire.com, The Wendelstedt School & Mid-American Umpire Clinic. This partnership creates a stronger community with greater resources and an access to information important to you. Umpire-Empire now offers member
  4. I recently had the opportunity to ask Major League Umpire Jim Reynolds (#77) a few questions. Jim is a 1992 graduate of Jim Evans Academy and had a particularly quick rise through the ranks and was added to the Major League staff in 1999. Since then he's worked the 2004 All-Star Game, 2005 ALDS between the Angels and Yankees, 2007 NLDS between the Rockies and Phillies, 2008 NLDS between the Cubs and the Dodgers, and most recently the 2010 ALCS between the Rangers and Yankees. Jim is also the Secretary/Treasurer of UMPS CARE Charities. Jim, thank you for agreeing to speak with Umpire-Empire. Wa
  5. Umpiring and Social Networking I know a few things about social networking, after all in the grand scheme of things Umpire-Empire is a social networking site and in just over 2 years has grown to be one of the largest and most visited umpiring sites on the internet. This is a serious topic. In today's information driven society it is all too easy to inadvertently step on a landmine, one which can detonate weeks, months or even years later. Remember once something is posted on the internet it is there forever, even if it gets "deleted." So be mindful of what you post not only here but on your
  6. This past weekend I took a trip out to Easly, SC; Cherryville, NC & Charlotte, NC part of my trip was to visit my family in the area, but I was also going out there to meet with Jim Kirk who was in the area visiting one of his suppliers. Meeting with Jim Kirk of Ump-Attire.com We were able to speak for a few hours about a number of things, but we spoke mainly about equipment. Jim brought a couple of masks for me to check out. The Diamond Feather Weight Umpire Mask - Silver Frame (#DFM-UMP-SV) mask was one of them. I'd heard a lot about this mask and was eager to check it out first hand.
  7. Interview with Jim Kirk of Ump-Attire.com I'm glad to have the opportunity to ask Jim Kirk, owner of Ump-Attire.com, a few questions. I think you'll enjoy some of his insight as a supplier. Warren: How did you originally get into the business of being a supplier of officials' products? Jim: I wish I had some grand story, but it is one of those one-thing-leads-to-another stories. I was working on an MBA and feeling entrepreneurial when I decided to get into doing E-Commerce development for small businesses. I read a story in 2001 about a company called Ump-Attire, basically down the road fro
  8. Don't Be That Guy Forward -- I write this not to say I am the world's greatest umpire, or my partner sucked, because my partner called a good sound game. But I write this as a demonstration of how drastically game management effects the game. I initially I was going to title this article "Don't be a Smitty", but my partner is hardly a Smitty. He is an experienced guy, has solid mechanics, good rules knowledge, good hustle and great appearance. So he doesn't fit the "Smitty" label. He just lacks game management skills, which I feel is a strength of mine. My partner is a good guy, good umpire an
  9. Interview with Bob Bainter I'm pleased to have the second interview in our interview series with Bob Bainter former AAA umpire and founder of the Oceanside Umpires Training Seminar (OUTS). We spent a quite enjoyable few hours on the phone recently discussing Bob's career and umpiring in general. Warren: Bob, start out by telling us a little about your umpiring career and your progression through the ranks. Bob: I was hired in 1995 and went into the Gulf Coast League. I was fortunate enough to earn a playoff spot in my first year. I'll never forget the game I had the plate was an incredible g
  10. Game Journal: Your tool for self evaluation and improvement I wish I could remember who gave me the idea for a game journal or where I got the idea from. But as they say the memory is an imperfect tool; which leads me directly to my point! If you actually want to improve your game as an umpire you need a way of tracking and monitoring your progress. A game journal is a great answer. If you are evaluated at all, how frequently do you have the same evaluator, or even the same partner who will take interest and monitor your progress for you? Not frequently enough. While subjective, keeping a ga
  11. Getting ahead of the game and shaking off the rust early It's that time of the year again were starting to gear up for the 2009 season. I'm sure you want to make this your best season ever. Here are my thoughts for shaking the rust off early and being ready to go for the season. First, think back to last year, what did you have the most problems with? What situations did you get burned in? When were you out of position? What could you have handled better? A game journal is a good way to recall these things. (More to come on game journals) Looking back will give you a starting point for movin
  12. Goal Setting : Creating your own path to success In this world one of life's greatest truths is nobody is just going to give you anything you have to earn what you want through hard work. I've had an interesting few weeks in my baseball career. At the beginning of the month our association made its promotions for the upcoming year and I was not promoted. While I am an ambitious person and I want to move up in the organization, I wasn't terribly disappointed that I was not promoted, I was a bit disappointed in how the votes broke down. Before I catch some flack from you avid readers of mine yes
  13. Rob Drake, Thank you for TheUmpireLife It was with a heavy heart I removed TheUmpireLife from the links section of Umpire-Empire and from my bookmarks. I first visited TheUmpireLife in January of this year when doing some research for this site. At that time the site was a modest blog. The content wasn't all that it grew to be at that time but was still very interesting. I posted a comment to his article, and bookmarked the site to check out more frequently for updates. One thing that really impressed me was that Rob personally replied quickly to my comment. It quickly went into my "Daily S
  14. I Will Get More Ejections! Gentlemen, I've long been an advocate of the ejection being the tool of last resort. You may have seen my many posts on various forums where I state somebody has been too quick to toss a player or coach. I'm coming to the realization that I'm just being to lenient. The players and coaches are pushing the line too far, and as officials, overall, we're not holding the line. I am now going to give much less latitude to folks and do my part to hold the line. Over the years I've probably had 15 or fewer ejections. I've even gone a few seasons without any. I've always tho
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