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  1. You guys made some good points (most of you guys, lol). Thanks to all for the help. I knew all along it wasn't a balk. I should've called the INT. and called the batter out. None of the coaches said anything and probably didn't know that the patter had committed INT. As I said, these were 11 year olds and team B was down by 7 runs. I used some disscession. I didn't want to make a big scene. This was a tournament game and there was a time limit for starting another inning. It didn't effect the outcome, or change the game in any way. Just needed to put it out there in case it ever comes up again. I needed to know what the ruling is. Thanks to all who replied!
  2. I was taught by a respected verteran to always put the ball back in play. Everytime, no matter what the situation. After every foul ball, time out, conference. With runners on, or no one on. It's important to put it back in play because you may one day have a coach say, "he never put the ball in play". That's when you're in a world of trouble. I believe you did the right thing. Nothing happens until you put the ball in play.
  3. From the, "Never seen that before" category. I had a situation in a 11 year old game yesterday. Runner on 3rd, team A is up by 6-7 runs. Runner goes about half-way down the line after the pitcher comes set. The B teams coach screams, "Step off, Step off". Pitcher steps off quickly and throws to the plate, thinking the runner is stealing. R1 at 3rd returns to the base. The batter swings and fouls the ball off (once again, these were 11 year olds). I was completely surprised. I didn't know what to do. I called it a dead ball, no pitch because the pitcher was clearly off the rubber with his back foot. Three questions here: 1. Was I right to call it a dead ball? 2. What if the batter put the ball in play? 3. What is the correct call here? I need help guys! Thanks!!!
  4. I had a partner call and say that he's running late, so he'll get dressed at home and meet me at the field. I thought he meant he'd be wearing his pants and shirt; no, he pulled up fully dressed for the plate. Funny you mention this. My first year, first scrimmage. First umpiring action of any kind. I thought I had to come to he field dressed. I had all my gear on, fully dressed, everything on except for the mask. I pulled up to the high school where the assignor and 3 other guys were putting on their gear. I didn't know why they had a chuckle but quickly realized that maybe I should've put on the gear in the parking lot. That seems like another lifetime ago.
  5. I was at an Independent League game with my 3 y/o son yesterday at Alexian Field. It was the Gary Railcats visiting the Schaumburg Flyers. On the field was a 3 man crew. I tried to study their rotations and see where each guy goes on specific situations. Believe me there were plenty of situatuions. There were about 30 hits and 4 errors. Eversince I've been officiating, any pro sporting event I go to, I'd watch the officials/umpires. One thing that caught my eye was that the home plate ump was using the all mighty hook for his mask. He would normaly take off his mask with his left hand but between innings he would put his mask on his hook. Funny, I've never seen it before, but I have read about it on this forum. He also had two ball bags. I use two ball bags myself, but most guys like using only one. Just some observations from the independent league.
  6. He looked amazing yesterday vs. my Sox. 10 K's, 7 of them on secondary pitches (not fastball). He kept the hitters guessing all night and asside from giving up a hit to Gavin Floyd (the Sox starting pither), the Sox battled for everything they got off of him. He should be around for a while. He's got better mechanics than Mark Prior (previously known as the best college pitcher), so he should last a lot longer than that bum. Fourtunatly the White Sox are done with him for a long long time.
  7. I was playing with my son this afternoon (3 y/o) and slammed my knee against the ground. It momenterly felt like my knee cap shifted out of place. Within an hour it began to swell up. It doesn't hurt, I have complete mobility, I can even run on it. Yet when I fully extend my leg, it looks like I have a tennis ball inside my knee. I've been icing it down and I'm planning on sleeping on it tonight to see what happens. Might have to go to the E.R. tomorrow. Do any of you guys know what I'm up against? I have games scheduled 4 of the next 5 days and I don't know what to tell my assigners. I already called off tomorrows games. Just checking to see if this has happend to any of you. Thanks!!!:shrug:
  8. The book was great. Took me almost 3 weeks to read (between work, family & games I had little time) but it was worth it. Got a great idea of life in the minors through the big leagues. Learned a lot about the big league umps and how set for life they seem to be in their positions. They worked really hard to get there but it seems like many of them become complacent. Weber got to the real story behind the '99 resignations and how the union screwed ita members. For me the line of the book was when Tim McClelland was talking about the Gorge Brett pine tar incident at Yankee Stadium. When the A.L. President decided to make-up the remainder of the game the Yankee Manager Billy Martin had his pitcher step off and appealed 1st and 2nd claiming Brett never touched the bases on his home -run trott. There was a different crew for that game and the 2nd base umpire pulled out a signed affidavid from the original crew stating that Brett touched all 4 bases. Billy Martin said "affa-F*#King What? In closing, the book was a great history of umpires at the highest levels. It even talks about how bad ump's are treated in Japan. It talks about the few female umpires who have tried to make it in a male dominate world. I've told all my fellow umpires that they have to read this book. It's not horseSH*# (if you read it you know what I'm talking about). Read it, it'll be worth your time if you like umpiring.
  9. Only in New Jersey. Just kidding, we have some pretty crappy fields in the city too. Most schools use the Chicago Park District fields. No raised mound, all dirt infields, no chalk (CPS doesn't know what chalk is). Oh and it's always fun when a group of people just walks through the outfield to get to their homes behind the bushes in center (Stewerd Park is infamous for this). Can't beat it. Or when a line drive to center hits the center fielder from another youth game going on at the same time kiddy corner to our diamond. I mean it's only varsity baseball, what can you expect.
  10. Dave, are you sure you know what you're getting into? This is like a drug, once your on it, you can't just get off of it. Best thing I've done (3rd yr now) in my 30 years on this planet though, you'll learn to love it one way or another.
  11. He was all systems go into 3rd. The instant the pitcher came set, It all happend in an instant. There was no feint, he was going, I'm 100%.
  12. Did a 11 y/o travel game today. 1 balk warning. It was the 3rd inning, we had runners on 1st and 2nd nobody out. Lefthander on the mound. He comes set with the left foot on the rubber when the kid at 2nd takes off for 3rd. Everyone screams out "HE'S GOING, HE'S GOING". Kid twirls around and throws him out by a country mile. The coach blows up saying he has to step off because it's an unoccupied base. I tell him he did nothing wrong because he can step toward the base if he's attempting a putout. That's the way I interpureted the rule. I need confirmation guys, I stuck to my call like a fly on sh**. Final score was 2-1 against the offensive team. Coach said I blew it for his kids, it's always my fault. He kept churping after the game as I was walking towards my car. Nevermind that that they had 3 or 4 innings where they left runners in scoring position. Thanks guys!
  13. I was at the game Tuse. night when West was behind the plate at for the White Sox v. (no longer Devil) Rays. He knows how to keep the game moving. Game went under 3 hrs. That's all you can ask for. Joe West is a good umpire. Screw the Boston Media.
  14. The way I was always taugh is that it can only be an infield fly if the fielder can make the catch with ordinary effort. It can be any fielder, even an outfielder running in. Try to make the call when the ball has peaked or is on the way down. If the fielder is sprinting to get to the ball, it's probably not an infield fly. If it's windy and the ball is blowing everywhere, it better be very obvious.
  15. Yeah, I was told that it used to be the original FED rule on appeals till about 10 yrs back. Some of the older umpires know this rule. They just never changed it in this league when the NFHS went to a proper appeal.
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