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  1. I made one of my own. Going to make a few tweaks to it. But it should last for awhile.
  2. Should fit fine. I found pack uniforms in the bottom and gear on top a better suit in my case.
  3. I got the TLS most because I didn't want the extra straps over the top that I wouldn't really use. They are very great with customer service.
  4. I looked and didn't see this posted yet, maybe I missed it. Along with announcers being complete idiots like normal. http://mlb.com/video/topic/6479266/v33864599/tornyy-encarnacion-interferes-navarro-ends-up-safe/?source=MLB&c_id=mlb&tcid=facebook_embedded_player&gid=2014_06_19_tormlb_nyamlb_1 not sure why it wasn't embedding the video. http://m.mlb.com/video/v33864599/?query=navarro%2Bsafe
  5. Oops. I'm sure none of us have been here. Lol http://network.yardbarker.com/mlb/article_external/umpire_changes_strike_call_to_ball_during_rangers_nationals_game_video/16573220?linksrc=story_home_module_head_16573220
  6. I agree start here and let the play pull you around. Would you have been able to see the ball on the ground? Unlikely, but that's why you went to your partner for help.
  7. By book in NCAA if the catcher asks for checked swing, then PU has to go for help. Unless of course PU already called it strike. If the coach or anyone else asks if it was a swing, by book, PU doesn't "have" to go for help. U1 will always have right handed batters. If they are on the line or counter rotated. U3 will always have left handed batters. If they are on the line or rotated.
  8. Take my last line and BretMans last paragraph...around here...that's what you get into. Guys just there to be standing around and collecting a check. I gave him the big difference for behind the plate and if all else fails default to baseball.
  9. Call then stand and signal is the "proper" SB mechinc on the plate. In FED PU has all fly balls unless BU goes out. And he should only go out in a. PU has 3B responsibilities with a sub throw with runner on first. Also PU has tag up duties on all lead runners except if only one runner. It's not that different than baseball at the HS level.
  10. NCAA changed in the 2013 CCA. U3 now has all lefty and U1 has all righty. No matter the starting position.
  11. I'm in Springfield, MO so I heard through MAU a few years back.
  12. I am also a photographer and I am a creep ...so it fits. HA
  13. I have been a long time lurker and outside commenter to myself. But I think it is time to join the ranks of offical poster. I have been calling baseball and fast pitch for 8 years. The only wish I have is that I would have known that I would have loved it when I just getting out of High School. I help UIC in our local leagues here and Local ASA. I enjoy helping the young umpires learn and get into the game on the "good side." I have called from 6 year olds to college baseball. I called more college this year than I have in the years past and I am hoping to make that a permanent trend.
  14. The OBR states: When it seems apparent that a batted ball will be an Infield Fly, the umpire shall immediately declare “Infield Fly†Sure it was deep, but F6 did get there with ordinary effort.
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