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  1. Welcome to the site and back to Texas. Houston TASO
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    Thanks, that's what I thought but couldn't find the rule to back it up. I'll re-read 8.05(g) when I get home from work.
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    I had the chance to watch a game last week after I had finished mine and saw a balk called by the BU but after he and the UIC talked the BU changed his call. DC called time for a conference with his infield. After the conference the pitcher stepped on the rubber in the windup position with bases loaded. UIC called play, signs taken and pitcher steps off rubber and moves down the second base side of the mound then comes back on the mound but never re-engages the rubber, he is still just inches behind the rubber. Bends over like he is taking the signs from the catcher, nods his head and appe
  4. My eyes and ears are bleeding after watching these ..................... quick!
  5. Season begins tomorrow. I have 40 games scheduled plus the 4 scrimmages I worked last week.
  6. Scheduler/assignor doesn't assign postions, we decide ourselves where we are working.
  7. :( Forgot to add, it sure is nice to have catchers that can actually catch! :HD:
  8. I called my first high school game(s) tonight. Had the dish for the first one and was about ready to tell my partner not to worry about it, I'd take the second one too but he said he was looking forward to it so, to the field I went. We had two JV games, and if I wasn't hooked before, I am now. :(
  9. Don't remeber the year but a former A's owner introduced Yellow/Green/Chartruse (sp?) balls to baseball many years ago. The best I remember of that experiment was they weren't accepted due to they went against tradition.
  10. Welcome to the site. I'll have to check out your website. Always looking for more training.
  11. HS schedule doesn't open up for scheduling until Friday, February 13th. So right now I have none scheduled.
  12. I will be attending the training for HS tomorrow night and then the local league begins it's training sessions Wednesday night. Just realized what time it is, begin the HS training tonight and the local league tomorrow (Wednesday) night.
  13. Umpire school supplies I got a couple new Under Armour Cold Gear shirts and a couple of long sleeve mock turtlenecks, an equipment bag and a Jaksa/Roder Manual. :)
  14. From what I see in the pictures, I need to stock up on 350's real quick. Those things are down right butt ugly.
  15. Only 40? ............ Is it legal for the kid to buy beer? I'm only 49 (for a few more months) umpired my first game in '73 and then took a few years off starting in '79 to return in '08.
  16. Not for long if they keep losing one of the family jewels. :HS
  17. Sic 'em Bears! The aggies never had a chance and the score doesn't really show the true story of the game. :tantrum:
  18. Looks like my season ended November 6th.
  19. Welcome Jordan. I too started at the age of 12 and did it for several years but for some reason I got out of it and just now coming back.......... Oh yeah I remember now, work got in the way. Keep at it and maybe we will see you make it to the top.
  20. I had one a couple weeks ago, F6 unassisted on the triple play. Infield is playing in, R1, R2 and R3 moving on the pitch. F6 turns and heads toward 2nd as the ball comes screaming pass F1 head high. F6 appears to be trying to protect his head, glove comes up in more of a face saving move rather than an attempt to catch the liner for out 1. Ball hits glove so hard it causes F6 to stumble and as he is falling he reaches out to tag R2 for 2nd out. R1 never sees the catch and is looking toward the DC who is screaming unrecognizable noises when F6 realizes what is going on just before R1 gets h
  21. I'm getting ready to order a couple more of these. I need the zippered pocket for medical reasons, I have to carry an epinephrine injector and this bag makes that a more secure option for the injector and my car keys.
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