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  1. I have walked before to stay in shape but this year I bit the bullet and decided to buy a Trek 4300 mountain bike. I made a deposit on it and it should get to my local bike shop in Evansville by the middle of next week. I'm just going to ride it on country roads near where I live but I was totally unimpressed with the junky light weight bikes they had at local stores like ****'s Sporting Goods and Target. I'm also getting a computer on it that will tell me how many miles I ride, how long I've rode it and the outside temperature.
  2. In my area I have quickly noticed that the top of my strike zone depends on the quality of the team usually designated by the quality of the pitching. For games that both teams struggle to throw strikes and don't have blazing fast pitching I don't hesitate to call the 1-2-3 top of the zone. When a mediocre pitcher throws a high strike it is often an easy pitch for a good hitter to tee off on. When the teams have better pitching I have noticed when I'm working the bases that my HP partner gets chewed on a lot for the high strike. Some good pitchers with great fastballs throw the high pitc
  3. I have 39 HS games scheduled for the spring but at least 10-15 will get rained out here in cold wet Southern Illinois. I usually work 3-4 games a week and every other weekend or so I do a double header. Spring season starts the third week of March and ends with the Regionals in the third week of May so the season is only about eight weeks long.
  4. Just a quick post about the staff at New Balance Web Express. I bought a new pair of 450's back in August '08. Told my wife to put them under the tree as a Christmas present as I'm notoriously hard to please and almost anything I want I've already bought for myself. Opened up the present on Christmas Day. I acted very suprised and very pleased. Never tried them on. Last week I decided to try them on because I was stuck in the house during an Illinois ice/snow storm. They were too small and didn't fit. Called the 800# and told the staff I didn't still have the box and didn't have the i
  5. Most HS baseball teams in Southern Illinois pay only $40-45 a game. Teams in the Black Diamond Conference do pay $55 which I think is a fair rate. The other interesting thing is when I work a DH the team almost NEVER gives you more than $30 bucks for the second game. Should I only pay attention 1/2 the time when the second game only pays around 1/2 price or am I expected to call them both the same? I had a partner one time that after seeing the cut in pay on a DH check ask the coach, "Which game is the full price game? The first one or the second one?" B)
  6. My HS season starts on 3/17/09. I've got 14 games scheduled for March and the over/under on how many actually get played due to rain/mud/snow presently sits at 7!! :GL:
  7. I would like to get input from the HS umpires on this site to this question. I have 45 HS baseball/softball games scheduled between mid-March through mid-May. Here is southern Illinois I usually lose about a 1/3 to rainouts. Comments welcomed.:GL:
  8. Thanks for the replies. I switched to a BLACK Rawlings Cool-Flow hockey style mask three seasons ago and I will never go back. I like the vision improvement I get with it and I like the protection given to the top of my head. I take it off with my left hand whenever I go down the first base line on a routine play and I take it off on a passed ball or a runner trying to score with a play at the plate. I switched for basically two reasons: 1) I always stand in the slot and I took a foul ball off an 85 mph (approximately) fastball and it yanked my traditional mask all the way around to t
  9. Which do you prefer? Have you tried both? Why do you like one over the other? Discuss.
  10. You might be a Smitty if....... ---you refuse to ask your BU partner on a check swing "Did he go?" ---you tell the coach during the game "Man you really do have a good team!":WTF
  11. You might be a Smitty if............. ---as the BU you go talk to the home plate umpire every freakin' half inning like he's got gold in his cup --on a slide and tag play at home plate you say "Show me the ball" and when the catcher shows you the ball you say "SAFE!" :)
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