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  1. Why not honigs or official sports. i use them both and couldnt be happier with the service pricing and knowledge of the personell
  2. thats why u dont waste 200 bucks on this overated overpriced wilson titanium mask
  3. i have the same wilson leg guards that i wear sparringly cause they weigh almost 5 pounds and i have no problem with them at the knee.. i wear honigs and smitty pants and never have a problem and im a big guy
  4. a) Umpiring cost money to start. You don't break even for awhile or even make a profit on it till your experienced and are working a lot of paid games. B) Good luck on selling Heather Grey pants. As you said his Association requires Charcoal Grey and since 2009 just about everyone does so there won't be a very big market for them. c) Tell your son to keep working hard. The payoff will come down the line. in the northeast heather gray is big and in some parts of texas..my buddies up in canada...thats all they wear heather gray..nobody wears charcoal up in canada..so really there is a big market still for heather gray...honigs tells me charcoal and heather gray pants are 60-40 for charcoal..it depends what part of the country ur in..maybe out west u guys wear charcoal...and also all the asa umps and fastpitch umps wear navy and heather gray..they tell me heather gray is now more popular than navy
  5. btw guys. where is kevin finnerty these days.,.havent seen in the posts in a long time???
  6. cb bucknor was horrible behind the dish..dont blame the mets for being pissed off. how he is still in the majors in beyond imagination. bucknor is by far the worst or top 3 worse umpire in the majors. so much for the merit system in the majors
  7. i referee hockey and and 10-20 games of soccer in the winter,.indoor soccer
  8. i like them...my silver diamond has tan wendy pads and it looks sharp
  9. Trout 78 im impressed..you have been a memeber for less than two months and u have 900+ posts. when do u have time to umpire lol at this rate by december u will be at 3000 posts.. i can see u taking over with the most posts on this site in one year...keep up the posting
  10. hey guys . just asking around. what happened to kevin finnerty . i havent seen him lately on this site.. i hope he is well . enjoyed his posts.. wherever u are kevin come back lol
  11. real speed he looks out but in slow motion he is safe...i agree his positioning didnt do him any favors...should have been on the other side in my opinion..
  12. i dont know how good this unequal protector is.. the video is a bit deceiving..i would have liked to see jim evans take three or four shots at different locations with the chest protector on...one on the collar bone one near the heart one in the stomach and a rib shot..at least this protector can fit umpires over 5-10 .. at 16plus inches and the 19inches and width it truly will fit almost all umpires from 5-7 to 6-5.. after seeing the video on the new balance plate shoe and hearing all the complaints, i too am hesitant about this chest protector. that being said, if they are really offering a try it for a week or so and if u dont like it , i just might pull the trigger..also at just 2 pounds i love the lightness of the unequal and the way it looks under a shirt..looks like u arent wearing a chest protector at all..SH*# i hate this debating whether or not to pull the trigger on this chest protector
  13. what i mean is u feel the impact but but nothing that gives me a headache or injures me..and the masks i have thus far have never dented whatsoever..maybe im lucky thus far...upcoming game maybe i ll get a dent but up until now thank god no injuries whatsoever while getting his in the mask.. i do approximately 150 games a year with approx 100 behind the dish..
  14. i dont know about all u guys and ur wilson mask problems. i have never bought anything wilson except the platinum chest protector that i wore once and sold the next day cause they are made for umpires that are short or dont care if they get their ribs cracked. i have been hit this year in the mask with good shots around 90mph and never felt a thing and absolutely nothing whatsoever happened to my silver diamond with my 1993 doeskin reach leather pads. also i have that same reach mask i bought at honigs in the 1992 with the tan pads that are one my diamond now. i have worn that reach mask maybe 400 times or more and it has been hit with high velocity fastballs and to this day not one dent..the frame has someblemishes from the black coating with a minimal crack here and there..200 bucks for a wilson mask that does not stand up to the pounding of baseballs for at least 2 years is not worthy paying 20 bucks let alone 200bucks. remember wilson and all those big name brands in general are good products but are very overpriced cause of the advertising and licensing fees they pay mlb. the old clunker heavy masks do the job but are really heavy.. i have never worn a mask that weighed over 23 ounces . that is my reach mask with tan doeskin pads . it weighs 23 ounces and has been very good mask as has my old pos match which is in retirement.lol..i have read about concussions with diamond mask and their own pads buy a few guys here.. there is a guy who has worn the diamond mask with their stock pads and has been beat up with shots to the head the last three years and he swears by the maks and the flimsy pads. i myself wore them two games and changed them with my reach doeskin pads. i dont know what to say but im very skeptical with all these titanium masks, escpecially the wilson ones. anyways those guys with the wilson titanium masks good luck and hope ur masks dont dent on u..i my friends are very happy with my diamond and champro super lite masks
  15. Dont worry if u dont use honigs..They are doing just fine. Dick Honig and his staff in ann arbor first rate. 25 plus year in business that has grown every year. Most businesses dont get that big and successful doing the wrong thing. And Jim i will be ordering my Zig shoes from Honigs or from Terry from official call if he carries them lol As u can tell i am and always was a big fan and supporter of Honigs in ann arbor and now big fan also of Terry from official call in west virginia. To each to their own,
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