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  1. Well, that definitely confirms that these trilocs were supposed to be there and were missing on the CP that I bought. Good customer service is nice, but getting a product that's right the first time is even nicer. These missing parts rendered my CP unusable and fostered a negative image of this company. All over a $1.50 piece of plastic. (If that seems harsh, it's coming from someone with decades of experience in manufacturing. I have lots of first-hand experience where "mistakes = lost customers".)
  2. BretMan

    Is the play dead?

    Did an umpire ever call or signal "time" before you were tagged? If not, then the ball was still live. There's nothing about this play that would automatically make the ball dead.
  3. I found them online myself. It just kind of rubs me the wrong way when you buy a product, then have to spend extra money to be able to use it. If a lot of these are slipping out without the triglides, there are going to be a lot of unsatisfied customers who can't get their new CP properly adjusted. Not a good move for an upstart company trying to establish a foothold in a new market. For anyone that received their CP without the triglides, how exactly are you using the side clips to keep them from moving on the strap???
  4. Thanks! My thinking was that you MUST have these to properly attach the side clips. I guess that they are just missing on mine, straight out of the box.
  5. Definitely didn't misplace them. Took it right out of the box and tried it on. That's when I noticed that the side clips were loose.
  6. Thanks, Max. But I'm still wondering if this harness is supposed to come with them or if they're just missing. And, if it doesn't come with them...how in the blue blazes are the clips supposed to thread on???
  7. I've replaced a few harnesses before, but without these adjusters I can't see how you'd secure the side clips. I tried every combination of over/around/through. Nothing seemed to work. The clips will freely slide up and down the strap, so you can't adjust the length and lock it in. PS: The t-hook picture above is from a Wilson harness. The t-hook has three slots in it to thread the strap through and that pretty much locks it in place. The plastic clips on the XV/HDX only have two slots to thread the strap through.
  8. Question for all you guys who have the XV/HDX: For the STOCK harness, on the straps for two side clips, did those have the rectangular "adjuster" for the strap to thread back through, like on the two shoulder straps? Mine didn't come with any adjusters. Without them, I can't figure out for the life of me how the side clips would attach and stay in place. Are these supposed to be there, or does this harness not have them? The adjuster I'm talking about is circled in the first pic. The strap loops through a D-ring on the shoulder, then threads back through the adjuster. The second pic shows this adjuster on a similar harness .It seems like the side straps on the XV/HDX would need the same thing. Without them, the side clips slide up and down the strap freely and won't stay in place. HELP!
  9. I'm sure that you mean "any batted ball that's hit sharp and direct"...because otherwise, that phrase is totally false.
  10. Received an email today from Ump Attire that these were back in stock...and ordered one right away!
  11. And the award to the most popular rules question on the internet goes to... ...this one! I've posted this before and I'll post it again. I'm amazed at how often this question comes up, particularly in that I've NEVER had to make this ruling in a game I've officiated in a twenty-plus year career. But not a season goes by where this question doesn't come up again and again. I participate in three or four different baseball and softball discussion boards and, this year alone, I have already seen this question asked about a dozen times. And I'm sure that I'll see it a few more times before the year is over! That just seems disproportional compared to the number of times I've seen this in a game. Naturally, because this fine forum is full of experienced umpires, the answers so far have all been correct. Yep, in this case the run does count. If the runner from third had crossed the plate AFTER the out at first, then the run wouldn't count. I'll just throw out a few things to consider: - When someone thinks the run wouldn't count, it's because they think the out at first base was a force out. IT'S NOT! It might kind of look like many force outs we see, where the fielder holds the ball and touches the base, but holding the ball and touching the base is NOT the definition of a force out. - By definition, a force out can only be made by a runner already on base when the batter hit the ball (or otherwise became entitled to run), who was forced to advance/vacate his base when the batter became a batter-runner. But when the batter is put out before safely reaching first base ALL FORCE OUTS ARE ELIMINATED. You cannot have a force out in that circumstance. - When a fly ball is caught, runners are no longer forced to advance. Thus, you can never have a force out on that play. - A runner being "doubled up" for leaving early on a caught fly ball is NEVER a force out. It's a live ball appeal play. The defense is appealing that the runner left early. - Since it's an appeal play, and not a force out, the whole thing about runs not counting if the third out is a force out DOES NOT APPLY. - When the third out is an appeal of this nature, any runs made BEFORE the appeal count. Any runs made AFTER the appeal do not.
  12. BretMan

    Infield fly?

    It's that "lands without being caught" part that throws a big wrench into us making a call here, on an internet discussion forum, without seeing the play. Was it not caught because it wasn't routinely catchable? Was a fielder trying to get to the ball, but just couldn't get there in time? Did any fielders even make an attempt to reach the ball? Was a fielder camped under it, but missed it? Any of those might help us to form the judgment that is necessary to make this call. And that's really a key to making an infield fly call. As already pointed out, the umpire must judge that the ball could have been caught with ordinary effort. We don't have any way of knowing that from the description provided.
  13. BretMan

    Molina's Foul Tip

    Are you the same guy that was arguing for a "caught foul ball" on Facebook? If so...then you'll get the same answer here.
  14. Did somebody say ELBECO???
  15. BretMan

    Transition to SB

    If there's a mound on your field, you're on the wrong field. You want the softball field, not the baseball field! But, seriously, in softball there is a great emphasis on foot placement and contact with the pitcher's plate (that's what's getting brushed off). It's kind of hard to see if they're in contact when you can't see the rubber! Given that most softball fields are loose dirt that gets kicked around, the pitcher's plate gets fairly well covered every half inning. Just like when I'm doing a baseball game, when I'm doing a softball game I try to be as "by the book" as possible. That includes brushing off the pitcher's plate at the start of every half-inning. I kind of hate having to do that but, when in Rome...
  16. For a written guide, USA softball publishes their umpire manual online. They have documented one-man mechanics that would work well on the baseball field.
  17. My comments were limited to the play in question only. I hoped that was obvious...maybe not?
  18. This is probably about the sixth time I've seen this same question asked on various discussion forums so far this year. In that respect, we're trailing behind last year. But the season is young! It won't surprise me one bit if by the end of this year I've seen this question asked at least a dozen times. As often as it comes up, it amazes me that in 20+ years I have NEVER had to make this call. This one just keeps coming up again and again and again. And the common misconception is always that it's a force play (it's not). It kind of looks like a force play, because you have a fielder holding the ball and touching a base, the way most force plays are accomplished. But the definition of a force play is when a runner is forced to advance due to the batter becoming a runner. Whenever the batter is put out before safely reaching first base you can never have a force play available at any base (because the runners are no longer forced to advance). So if it's not a force out, what is it? This is an appeal play for a runner leaving base too soon on a caught fly ball. As far as the run scoring or not...see above answers.
  19. BretMan

    Caught foul ball

    Not in USA/ASA or NFHS. They removed the "over the batter's head" reference from their rule books years ago (as did many others). Even then, when that reference was in the books, it said that if the ball came off the bat and went higher than the batter's head it could not be ruled as a foul tip. The common "rule myth" that was generated from this was that a batted ball over foul territory had to be popped up higher than the batter's head to be caught for an out. That was never the case, but this myth lives on. Now, if the ball goes higher than the batter's head it can be a foul tip (assuming it went sharply/directly from the bat). The height of the batter's head is totally irrelevant with respect to a foul tip. And it was NEVER relevant to a ball being caught as a "fly ball" for an out.
  20. BretMan

    Caught foul ball

    Softball? I ask because the posts uses the pronoun "she" to describe the player. And, because it might affect the answer. In softball a runner isn't out for abandonment until she ENTERS the dugout. The post says she walked "to" the dugout, so it's not clear on that point. That the post mentions the ball not going "higher than the batter's head" makes me wonder if the poster thinks that has anything to do with the call. It does not. A double hit on the bat could be an out or a foul ball, depending on where the hit took place. The post doesn't specify.
  21. This is an actual rule in softball (just in case that's what is being asked about). Could explain the confusion by an umpire who does both NFHS softball and baseball.
  22. Bummer. I was planning on picking one up before my season started (which is already a month old now).
  23. Ejections per season is kind of meaningless if we don't know how many games you work in a season. If your number is three, but you only worked a dozen games... I once did some rough math and figured that I averaged one ejection about every sixty games. So, one or two a season, depending on my workload. Then I got three in ONE GAME last year, which was a record for me and kind of skewed the averages!
  24. I'd love to see a kid knock one over the fence like this, then say, "Come back here! That wasn't a swing. It was a defensive swing!".
  25. NFHS softball calls it "making the initial play on a batted ball". USA softball uses the term "in the act of fielding a batted ball".
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