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  1. are you a umpire or a telephone operater--NEVER NEVER NEVER take a phone on the field and never wear a watch on the field--that is the wasy it is .
  2. what was the pitch--ball/strike that is your first reponsablity--also if in the play tere is a balk(catchers balk) run scores from third on the balk. Batter gets first becasuse of the catcher interference.
  3. I may be wrong but I know of no rule that prevents a quick pitch--there is a penalty if the pitcher quicks pitches--but what is the rule to prevent him from doing so--by preventing him from quick pitching you are putting the team at bat at a disadvantage becasuse you are not penalizing the defense for doing something wrong. On this subject we must agree to disagree--enjoy the off season
  4. what do you say to the coach when he comes out and ask "who the f--k do you think you are telling my pitcher what to do ?? are you the dame coach!!!) that will happen as you move up and do older and better ball (Varsity HS and college) and by the way the coach is right--you have no right to tell the pitcher how or when to take a signal--there are rules and if he does something wrong then and only then do you have the right to inforce the rules but if the pitcher does nothing wrong by rule --say nothing--you will stay out of trouble.
  5. there is a CD out "see a balk call a balk" I suggest all those who want to warn the pitches watch the CD. as those that say this league has that rule, the rules are added by coaches who always look for ways to win--this does not make them bad--a coaches job is the win--a umpires job is to call the game by the rules--not rules made up by people who want only to win.
  6. please show me in a rule book(OBR--NCAA-NFHS-LL-USSSA-ETC-ETC)) that SAYS YOU WARN ON A BALK .
  7. How about we WARN the batter that with two strikes--the next one he is out!!! we are umpires not coaches
  8. it does not matter when or if the ump calls IFF--if there is r1-r2 or r1-r2-r3 with less than two outs --the IFF rules are in affect--the umpire does not have to call it for it to be so.
  9. if you are sure he did not pull his foot--stick with your call and tell the coach you had a GOOD look at it and play on--by going to your partner you are telling others you did not see the play--you get paid to see the play--see it ,call it, stick with it!!!!!!
  10. you answered the question--you are happy with the answer--move on and be the best ump on the field--good luck with the double
  11. it could be many reason--but one question to ask yourself-- are you calling everything you see--or are you looking to make calls!! don't look for the calls they wil come your way.
  12. best of luck--knock them dead
  13. coach made picked up a live ball--get a out--you have no choice.
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