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  1. in LL, there is no OUT for a thrown bat. Only warn then EJ. most kids have played T-ball and Pony or other instructional level ball before they're 9 years old, so throwing the bat is a habit that should have long been broken. I'd have no problems sleeping after EJ a 9 year old for a second offense in one game. It's a safety issue, plain and simple. Back to stupid Local rules, however, we've got one where warn, then can't bat because CBO is used. The kid can still play defense but is simply scratched from the BO.
  2. Aside from the findings of the grammar/spelling police, KLAH316 hit the nail on the head! These kids are just learning to swing a bat, throw and catch a ball, and run the bases in the right direction. No umpires needed, just coaches that "get it".
  3. I've only had one time when I had to take action because of a spectator (parent). This was back in the early 80's. I was calling a LL Senior League game, not at a facility, but at a ball field in the middle of nowhere. no dugouts, just wooden benches and the only fencing was a backstop and the outfield from foul line to foul line. Spectators, for the most part, brought lawn chars (no bleachers) and sat in DBT parallel to the foul lines. There was no administration present, no league board members or anything else. Just players, coaches, umpires (2) and spectators. The kids would get in the
  4. I know this is an old thread, but after being pointed here from the 2013 LLWS thread, and then reading 8 pages of posts, I can't just let it go without commenting. Going back to the OP and the description given, the rule is actually quite clear: A STRIKE is a legal pitch which meets any of these conditions - (a) Is struck at by the batter and missed; condensed: "A STRIKE is a legal pitch which is struck at by the batter and missed" This definition is the reason why, unlike in softball, a baseball batter who squares to bunt does not have to pull his bat back on a ball for it to
  5. LL will presumably adopt the edited rule, however for now umpires should follow the enforcement guidelines of PBUC since LL has published no guidelines in the RIM, Make the Right Call, or otherwise.. It CERTAINLY should NOT be treated differently in LL. thanks sdix00, that clarifies it quite a bit - especially the "why" it is written differently in the LL rules. I try to steer clear of MLB interpretation books (i.e. PBUC) as references, because most of us strictly LL volunteers don't have access to them. We don't belong to an association or anything and simply volunteer so that the ki
  6. Hmmmm 2.0 A FOUL BALL is a batted ball that settles on foul territory between home and first base, or between home and third base, or that bounds past first or third base on or over foul territory, or that first falls on foul territory beyond first or third base, or that, while on or over foul territory, touches the person of an umpire or player, or any object foreign to the natural ground. Close...as most of the batter's box is in foul, but that front inside part is not. so if the batter has is front foot in fair, while in the box, and if that fot is what the ball hits, then according t
  7. Thanks guys. I was pretty sure - after the fact, that I kicked the call. To make absolutely certain, I'm looking for a specific rule to reference. Can anyone cite a rule or combination of rules that cover this?
  8. After a year away from umpiiring, had my first game last night (LL Majors). Mechanics a bit rusty - things like rushing my ball/strike calls, not getting down to 3B quick enough, general things that improve with doing more games. However, I did well enough that both teams have already contacted me for games next week (text messages at 6AM?). I had one call that I'm pretty sure I blew, but can't find it in the LL rule book or RIM, so I'm looking for a reference (which rule) to set myself straight (please, no OBR or FED references). I had a batter swing at a pitch and make contact, the ball
  9. We're lucky to get volunteer umpires that aren't wearing a Mossy-Oak Jonh Deere hat backwards, along with jeans or shorts, AC/DC t-shirt and if we're really lucky, sneakers instead of flip-flops. So when I show up wearing my Flecheimer heather gray pants, my navy bue umpire shirt and combo-cap, I'm looking a lot more "umpire-ish" than everybody else. BTW, Heather gray with powder blue shirt was THE standard umpire uniform for much of the life of baseball (was still the case back when I started calling LL games). The shirts weren't pull-overs either, but cotton button-up shirts. It's only i
  10. Continuous Batting Order - Everyone on the roster is in the batting order, as opposed to only the 9 who currently have defensive positions.
  11. here we go with local rules again... our LL uses CBO and specifies that if a batter is injured and can not continue his at bat, he is out. I'm starting to wonder how they manage to keep their charter.
  12. I track that low outside pitch as far as I can see it, then it simply becomes an excercise of mentally extending the trajectory it had, to make the call. Another option is to get up higher so you can see over F2 (however, can lead to lots of bruises with these young ones).
  13. I'm looking for a little insight here... our local league has their own local rules, one of which is "no infield fly rule". Is it just me, or does that sound like a direct violation of LL rules. My understanding is that for Majors and Minors Divisions, at least, there are very few rules that are optional, and infield fly ain't one of them. http://ncllbaseball.com/PDFs/2012_LocalRules.pdf (under "Game Play") I wonder what the reaction in Williamsport would be - would this league keep their charter? Your thoughts?
  14. catoblue


    Well, did they? You certainly deserved it! I think the response was along the lines of What? No post-season? Our local league isn't hosting any tourneys this year :(
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