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  1. Congrats Rich. I got select to do the Southeastern Region Senior Baseball Sent from under my bed via my Note 2
  2. You mean you didn't have air conditioning in yours? HaHa maybe it was just not on my end lol Sent from my GNex while laying in bed
  3. Glad to hear it - should make getting to sleep a little easier. Definitely. Barracks have no a/c and in July it's brutal. I was there in July and had no heat problems Jax it was so hot in my barracks I thought I was going to sweat to death. I was in 31 and it got full sun all day long. Sent from my GNex while laying in bed
  4. I never carry one on the bases in LL games. I think a lot of it is, a lot of LL baseball umpires do softball too. Sent from my GNex while laying in bed
  5. I have thought about the Schutt extension. I seem to always get hit in the stomach. Even having a big gut it still hurts pretty bad for a few days. Sent from my GNex while laying in bed
  6. I to am tired of all the video review . Way to much Sent from my GNex while laying in bed
  7. gatoremt


    I know right. Did not look like a balk Sent from my Transformer TF101 using Tapatalk 2
  8. gatoremt


    In case anyone wants to watch. The JLWS is on ESPN2 right now. Florida vs Aruba Sent from my GNex while laying in bed
  9. All of our guys that work districts and above are great umpires. All umpire HS and above. We all police our group to look sharp. I have not made a regional yet but hope to in the future. Sent from my GNex while laying in bed
  10. Welcome Larry. Sent from my GNex while laying in bed
  11. I open up tapatalk and see all the new content. I look through that. Then go to my favorites and see if there are any updates on those.
  12. I wear a skull cap from Richardson caps under mine. It soaks all the sweat up and keeps my head from getting burnt. It is also nice that I can poor cold water on it and it stays cool for a few minutes. I am bald but wear contacts and always wear sunglasses. The volume on the hits I understand now. It took a little to get use to, now I don't even pay it attention.
  13. I would have to disagree. Mine is cooler, I sweat VERY bad so my head stays cooler. I have never noticed the bell when I get hit.
  14. Black, Powder Blue w/black collar, creme. I have red and have Always liked it. It is different I remember when we started wearing them around 1998. I REFUSE to wear navy. So I always bring 2 of every other color
  15. I just wish they would make them composite and not steel. I don't mind the white but it does make them harder to keep clean.
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