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  2. I agree with Tksjewelry. The coaches not taking charge shows a lack of respect for the game, the anthem, the umpires, and each other. If coaches stepped up and did their jobs, this kind of crap would cease.
  3. ​That has got to be tied for dumbest post in forum history.
  4. ​It is extremely unethical to try to manipulate a strike zone in order to try to finish early. It can stay 9-0, or visitors can catch up. Why in the world would any umpire try to cheat a team out of a potential comeback like that? If working a full 7 innings is too much of a strain for an umpire, he should quit baseball and only work JV Tiddlywinks.
  5. Golly jeepers, I guess we is just some uneducated mo-rons around these parts, we undocumented sources. What a condescending ass.
  6. I know better than either of you two who Michael Taylor is, but nobody named either of you two a moderator. Ruleskeep is being cheeky by calling me, a Vietnam-era veteran and veteran sports official, "buddy," in a disrespectful manner, like he has earned that right. I have known Michael Taylor on Internet forums for years and years now, and still have NO idea what that has to do with disrespecting me, a long-time, well-respected umpire of 25 years. I am saddened by Michael's passing, and also voted for him in the Umpire of the Month contest, but I wasn't referring to HIS death when I posted. I was referring to the fact that nobody named either of you a moderator suddenly, so he should not determine what can be said or when a thread should be closed. Every point I made was a valid one, and the majority of the people in the thread agree with my stance on the issue in question.
  7. Somebody die and make you supermoderator? If you don't like the conversation, feel free to stay out of the thread. That comment has a whole lot more meaning with this crowd than you think, buddy. What are you jabbering about? Where do you get off calling me "buddy?" Is that how they're teaching being respectful to your elders these days?
  8. Somebody die and make you supermoderator? If you don't like the conversation, feel free to stay out of the thread.
  9. Ohhhhhh, that explains a great deal. You want to stifle the conversation when it gets a little rocky. Okay.
  10. SMH Still trying to see any "prejudices" here. I am willing to bet that UMP45, like myself, loves and adores women, and doesn't find them inferior in the least. You don't care if you sound condescending? That's awfully condescending of you.
  11. Maybe the baseball team needs a new parking lot...Fair is fair, and all...
  12. Thanks Alex. I actually meant to use a double negative there.
  13. I am quite sure that nobody here feels that both genders don't deserve the same educational opportunities. The story only spoke of the funds raised for the boys varsity baseball team. It did not address whether or not the girls raised any funds on their own for their own facility. It is up to them to raise private funds the same way it was up to the boys team.
  14. I think you mis-interpreted Matt's support of female athletes...I thought it was rather cleaver...reposted here No, I didn't miss it. But I did very well in my college logic class, and what he said was a fallacy. I thought UMP45's response was much more clever.
  15. I love how people think it's okay for females to have less simply because they have vaginas. This is the only sentence I have a problem with in the whole thread. This is just an asinine and illogical statement. It had absolutely nothing to do with the case at all, and I can't see as to how you arrived at this conclusion that anybody thinks females should have less. The fact remains that a) the softball supporters did not raise funds for their seating, and b) women's/girls' sports are not, and may never be, as popular as men's/boys' sports, and that is just a fact of life. The PGA and LPGA are one example of this. It has nothing to do with what organ is between whose legs.
  16. Nobody needed/wanted/cared to hear about vajayjays in the original conversation. The vaginitis comment was hilarious, on the other hand.
  17. PU had ball going into DBT even with runners on base. Jax is correct. R1 remains the BU responsibility (real mechanics) to 3rd on a ball that remains in the infield. The PU has the ball on on all overthrows outside of the diamond, and then gets his other secondary and tertiary responsibilites. BU should be watching R1 touching 2nd base and preparing to read the play and go where he needs to be. And the coach? He is a rat for trying "pull the wool over" any umpires eyes. I wouldn't be patting this jerk on the back if he was choking on a chicken bone.
  18. But what does that really have to do with the discussion taking place on this sub-forum? The only unseemly remark was originally made by Matt concerning a part of the female anatomy that was completely uncalled for and irrelevant to the discussion. The reference to a malady of said anatomical part was just funny.
  19. Why? It is located in a forum titled "Speak Out," with a sub-forum titled "Free For All." Is that how you handle disputes on the ball field? We're all grown here. We're all grown here. Try again. And it seems that whenever this happens on somebody ELSE'S thread, it get locked up before this point. What? Try what again? We're not all grown here? Explain please.
  20. Would have run him much sooner myself. As was stated, when he said, "Or what?" is when he gets swiftly jacked up.
  21. Maybe it's your partner. Seems to be a pattern, like you said. Are you working the continued game with him today? Good luck with that! It really sounds like some weak ass chicken shat umpires where you live if they are concerned that you have 3 ejections, and that only 12 people statewide have gotten the heave-ho. Must be that legal marijuana.
  22. Why? It is located in a forum titled "Speak Out," with a sub-forum titled "Free For All." Is that how you handle disputes on the ball field? We're all grown here.
  23. That's the problem with this. The softball people have had every opportunity to raise funds that the varsity baseball people have had. The difference is that the baseball people got up off their asses and raised the money for their own bleachers six years ago, while the softball people did not. Now, because somebody cried, "No fair," everybody has to feel bad for the poor, downtrodden softball people, who after six years of doing nothing to raise their own funds, now want equal bleacher seating. That is just a typical liberal, "we are all entitled to equality," mindset that has already permeated and is causing widespread devestation in this country. The softball people should have been working to this goal for the last six years if they wanted a new setup. You can't just see something that somebody else has, and say, "Oh, oh, oh, I want that!" and expect to get it without putting in any effort. The handicapped seating issue sounds like it was lumped in with the complaint just to add more fuel to the fire, and get another talking point going on to help solidify their weak, shaky case.
  24. Yes. Or make the play initially. If he doesn't make the play, he is liable for obstruction. This was affirmed in the World Series last year. Well, that's just a suck rule, I tell ya! That's why I only would have awarded 3rd.
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