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  1. PU has the play at the plate. Also, he should bust back to the plate in fair territory and stay in it.
  2. I call every pitch...ball or strike. However, I prefer to call strikes.
  3. Don't forget to register! I just completed mine. Deadline is 7/31/17 sans Late Fee...
  4. This mechanic is acceptable, too...Time/Balk... However, if you work leagues and/or conferences which use OBR and NCAA codes, you can see what jackpots you can end up in if you use the "Time/Balk" sequence. So, as suggested, I've changed to the "Balk/Time" cadence in HS. Just have to remember when you're working OBR/NCAA games the "Time" element is not in the equation.
  5. That's correct. I got an email from him a couple weeks ago saying he's taking the summer off and will reevaluate his health before next season. First summer off for him since 1980!!
  6. That's a wonderful first Father's Day gift!!
  7. Whenever a fielder asks me to move left or right, I simply step FORWARD with the foot they're asking me to move. Move right, step forward with right foot, etc. Just by stepping forward it keeps my angles and positioning the same an gives the fielder a wider view. Never has a fielder asked me to continue to move after I've done that. Just my $0.02
  8. Well, I found out this week that my investment in a Nutty Buddy was a good one. The little "smear" through the 'B' was from a foul ball that bounced off the dirt for a direct hit earlier this week. The "smear" through 'Nutty' is a result of taking an 85 mph pitch straight from F1's hand directly to my newest best friend, my Nutty Buddy! (Yeah, directly...F2 completely "dropped the ball" Luckily, mine were beneath my Nutty Buddy!) Yes, I felt the pressure on both direct hits, but no pain at all...none! I will never use another cup other than the Nutty Buddy. If any of the brethren have given this cup a thought, get one. You'll be as glad you did!
  9. They all did.
  10. John, I am not getting hung up on the "no other fielder had an opportunity to play the ball" part of the rule. I know the rule...both sides of it. If you were BU and you ruled that the ball did not go through, or by, and you called the runner out, I would not come out suggesting that you misapplied a rule because you didn't.
  11. Agreed that the umpire must be convinced the ball is through or by a fielder and no other fielder had an opportunity to play the ball is a judgment call. Where BU misapplied the rules is when he called R2 out for interference given the facts in the OP that the ball had passed a diving F5 and no one else had a shot to field it. This is where I indicated that PU should have conferred with BU to get the call right and reverse BU's interference call on R2.
  12. (1) I'm not adjudging on what noumpere said. I agreed with him. I went strictly off the OP which, in part, stated... "Runner on second stealing in play, is hit with a batted ball AFTER IT HAS PASSED A DIVING THIRD BASEMAN, NO ONE ELSE HAD A SHOT TO FIELD IT." Please tell me where I have fallen into the misconception you cite? The rules address this particular situation quite clearly. (2) It may be a direct quote from the PBUC manual, however, there are rules which cover circumstances that prevent the "expectation"... 2017 OBR 6.01(a)(11)...Batter or Runner Interference It is interference by a batter or a runner when: A fair ball touches him on fair territory before touching a fielder. If a fair ball goes through, or by, an infielder, and touches a runner immediately back of him, or touches the runner after having been deflected by a fielder, the umpire shall not declare the runner out for being touched by a batted ball. In making such decision the umpire must be convinced that the ball passed through, or by, the fielder, and that no other infielder had the chance to make a play on the ball. If, in the judgment of the umpire, the runner deliberately and intentionally kicks such a batted ball on which the infielder has missed a play, then the runner shall be called out for interference.
  13. True. I'm just going off the OP saying that "no one else had a shot at it."
  14. Maybe. But, our (read umpires...) integrity is what sets up apart, IMHO. As I mentioned above, the score and/or whether or not someone questions our calls, shouldn't dictate how we apply the rules of the game. Our job as umpires is to get the call(s) right...and to do it to the best of our ability in an unbiased fashion. With respect to the above, why give "them" that opportunity?