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Another newbie to the site...

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Hey all, New to the site, definitely not to baseball.   Some of you probably already know me, but I'll stay masked for a while.  Looking forward to spirited discussions - this is what keeps me yo

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    • By StatsUmp
      I saw this site mentioned on officiating.com as a more active forum for baseball, so I decided to register in hopes it can be a useful resource.
      At present, I recently finished my eighth year officiating basketball and -- if COVID-19 doesn't totally wipe out Spring HS sports this year -- I'll be doing my fourth year of softball and second year of baseball.
    • By AndyG
      Hi everybody!
      New umpire on this forum here from Germany. I wonder how many from my part of the world around here. At least I didn't see any map markers.
      Officially licensend umpire for 20 years now, doing mostly adult/youth amateur level baseball (and softball for a few years, too). Germany, like all/most of Europe (as far as I know) is plain OBR.
      We don't get to call as many games as some of you guys here, though, because baseball here is almost exclusively played on weekends. But we do get paid.  
      Found this place via Google. Great site! Tons of interesting stuff, great insight and advice on all things umpiring.
    • By scratch377
      Thank you all for hosting and participating in this forum.  I have three young children in little league.  I umpire and coach in both softball and baseball.
      Patrick Patten

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