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  1. I was planning on taking the whole family to a game I was going to umpire tonight (the game was forfeited because one team didnt show), only my 4 year old didnt want to go. "Mommy!! I dont wanna watch Daddy go be a Vampire!"
  2. At our local Babe Ruth field here in Frederick, MD, there's at least 70 feet between home and the backstop. Some kids can actually go first to third on a passed ball.
  3. No experience shouldnt matter. If you have an experienced PU, he will explain who has which call, and which way the rotation goes. I know this because I was in the same boat you were in. Just enjoy the experience!
  4. I agree . . . play on.
  5. Hold on a sec!!! We're supposed to be able to SEE when we umpire???!!!
  6. Yup, I called a Ball on a kid earlier this year. That night I was reading through the green book and saw that little ditty about not having the come to a complete stop. Next time I saw that coach and pitcher, I told them that it was a bad call, and explained the rule to them. I also told the pitcher that, while it may not be problem now, he's better nip that problem in the bud before he got to the next level.
  7. 'Bout 2 weeks ago working a LL Majors game, the hardest pitcher I'd seen all year was throwing seeds in there. Finally, on one pitch up, the catcher never even got close to catching the ball. That thing whizzed by my right ear like 1000 honeybees. I didnt flinch at ALL. Two innings later - same pitcher and catcher - another ball is coming STRAIGHT at my face as soon as it leaves the pitcher's hand. The ball is getting bigger an bigger and catcher's glove is NOWHERE to be seen. Finally, I give in and bail out. I pull my head back and tried to step back, only I tripped a little. At that point, I fell backwards straight onto my butt, and rocked back and forth like a giant rocking chair. The crowd began laughing hysterically, so I did what any self-respecting umpire would do: I promptly removed my mask, faced the crowd, and took a bow. Mind you, these were folks I know very well, and I tried to make light of it, but I was ashamed at my mistake and vowed it would never happen again. Since then I have taken 2 balls straight into the mask and never flinched. A little shame goes a long way!!
  8. Oh!!! i was was just kidding!!
  9. Thanks guys! The same parent was out tonight in another game. I was working second this game. Every time he yelled something while his team was in the field, I tried to make myself fart. Strangely enough, that was comforting.
  10. Working 3rd Base in the City Championship Tourney last night. The PU has LL Regional experience and he is calling a VERY good and CONSISTENT game behind the plate. From 3rd I can tell he is calling some pitches a tad low, but he is totally consistent for the WHOLE game. Right behind me was a VERY vociferous parent leaning over the fence down the left field line. "GET IT OUT OF THE DIRT, BLUE!!!!" He would yell for everyone to hear. "NO WAY, BLUE!!! THAT WAS WAY LOW!!!!" "COME ON BLUE, THAT WAS NOT A STRIKE!!!!!" I turned and looked at him a couple if times, as did the PU, but neither of us said anything to the parent. Honestly, if I were the PU, I would have warned the guy and RUN him before this point, but this PU said nothing. I took the tack that the PU is way more experienced than me and that he would say something when he'd had enough of the heckling. So, should I have said something to the guy or should I have done what I did and let the PU handle it? Should I have stood up for the PU and told the guy to chill out??? Thanks, Brian
  11. Brian is fine. Dawn is my wife. I have no clue why I used this as my username here. Anyway, I live about a 3 hour drive tops from Williamsport. I was thinking of just driving up early one morning, catching a couple a games, and then driving home. I will let you know!
  12. Thanks for the advice. I will have someone record me and see how bad it is I'll be taking my boys up to the LLWS this year to watch some games. Maybe I'll see you up there!!
  13. I think he was saying it was a ball low. I believe the strike zone is from the armpits to the top of the knees in LL. I was calling the ones just below or barely touching the knees. As for any griping, I'd have a manager maybe huff a little in the top of the first if a low strike, but not much after that once everyone realized that I was calling it consistently for both teams. This is more about me wanting to improve as an Umpire.
  14. F3 would have had a fairly easy play on the ball. F9, however, has his hands full. I called the IFF at the apex of flight - as you said. It was just that the ball carried father after that than I thought it would. I feel a bit better now. As an side, F9 whined at me after the play was over. Ironically, he was complaining that he could have thrown the R out at 2nd!! He was not very respectful when he said, "AWWWWW UMP!!!!!!!" I called time and had his manager come out to RF. After he arrived, I explained the IFF rule to the F9, and also told him I'd EJ him if he yelled at me like that again. The manager said, "Thanks for explaining that to him, Blue."
  15. In fact, tonight I felt the pitcher was quick-pitching. By the time the F2 stopped moving around and stayed in one one place, the F1 was halfway through his delivery. I have tried to keep my head still and let my eyes track the pitch as was suggested in other posts. Again, this site is a God-send!! I love the tips and advice here!!
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