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  1. Tyennie

    Balk ruling

    Well that is the next step. How this myth got started is beyond me
  2. Tyennie

    Balk ruling

    Sadly yes, any others wish to concur with Jimurray, as a preponderance of evidence to present my not so learned colleagues
  3. Tyennie

    Balk ruling

    Sorry if this one has been answered in previous posts Discussion started today that Off. Coach has his choice about which play to accept when pitcher balks. OBR Situation we used as example: R2, R3, Batter has 3-1 count. F1 balks and delivers, ball 4, hits batter (not swinging, so a definite HBP) several of my colleagues say Off. coach has choice, he can accept the HBP and now have bases loaded, or he can take the balk, score R3, move R2 to third and batter stays at bat with 3/1 count. i say Bullflop, since awarding BR first base does not move R2&R3 the requisite 1 b
  4. Why am I not getting the video links in these messages to my iPad? Frustrating!
  5. Let me preface this by saying here in Wyoming we don't play high school ball, so I have decided to join the ranks of my colleagues in a neighboring state. I just need a bit of clarification on the NFHS dead ball appeal. As I understand it, an appeal can be made on a runner who missed a base or did not tag up, while the ball is 'dead'. Possession of the ball at the point of appeal (base or runner) is not necessary, only a verbal announcement from coach or player, and the umpire renders a decision. Do I have this correct? Thanks
  6. Agreed. This was one of two that I missed. Because of the crappy wording. You would think the NFHS could find some educators out there to help with their test writing. The other question I missed was my own stupid fault.
  7. Good morning, I am considering "upgrading' my current protection from a standard cup to a NB, i notice that the correct and proper fitting requires a compression short. Anyone out there have a preference as to brand; does one brand of short seem to work better with the NB than another?? thanks in advance. ty
  8. Well I will chime in here. Right or wrong, this is my take on the high strike. I believe it is taught to set your eyes at the top end of the zone (different for each batter's height? Rhetorical question.) I for one hate that pitch coming at my eyeballs, so i lock in at the same height and use my chin as the defining line for the topend (on most batters this is belt high) Also using the catcher's position (his shoulder, and head height) and where in relation to this the ball comes in.
  9. Because his first step would have to be towards first base with his free foot (left foot). Yes? The initial start of his windup is a short rocker step with his free foot in the direction of first base. As a baserunner it would be very difficult to ascertain the difference. No?
  10. Tyennie


    It isn't just at the 10U league. this last weekend tourny with AmLg, 16 - 19 was just as fun. Called a game after time limit, (No new inning after 1 hr and 50 mins, we were 1 hour and 52 mins in when the last out was made in the bttm of 5th., home team losing) had a fan tell me I needed to go learn how to be an umpire. had i been a bit quicker, i would have asked him for the tuition to do so. :)
  11. LMAO, it was great. Because this local manager has been a PITA most of my umpiring career here.
  12. The kid never went to first from this 'position' but if he had i would have balked him. It would truly be helpful if the three codes could at least agree on what is correct foot position for the pitcher's feet. But then again I don't see pigs flying soon. :)
  13. Just had to share this with you all. Early morning game (7:30) last Friday. AmLg tourny. Let me preface by saying that the offensive team in this sitch is from my town (No, there is no conflict of interest) I am PU. Play at first, BU calls F3 off the bag and signals safe. The DC, wants him to get help. (I later find out, this is only to get the OM - 'going') So BU calls me up, I respond: TY "I like pepperoni on my pizza..... Yup he was off the bag, but i really am not sure if he got his foot back before the BR" BU - Nope he didn't. Ok safe. so I turn around, BU says safe. and OC
  14. lol, earlier game he and i worked, with me on plate. he was giving me grief because i wasnt hanging out at third. I told him I 'adjudged there would not be a play at first and decided to hang out at the plate." for the play. He 'liked' the word adjudged. ha ha I have noticed this past weekend that the guys that umpire here, me included at times, have darn litle verbal communication. even when this guy as PU was coming up to third I never heard him say anything to that effect. That is going to be my focus this next week, to be more vocal.
  15. I guess another phrase that would fit here is " Pre-game, dumba**" lol
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