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  1. If the bat breaks it's a live ball, fair foul will be decided where the ball comes to rest or is touched. However, if the contact is made in foul territory, it is an automatic foul ball.
  2. Headed to the new PBUC school next Sunday!
  3. The padding appears to be much leaner than the gold or plat.
  4. Mine is quite simple. Introductions, exchange line up cards, ground rules, ask any further questions? Have a good one guys!
  5. Kev, ... I think it hit him ....think about it ....Martinez whinces, groans, Napoli doesn't go after the ball ....why? See what I mean ? Oh yes, the arguement-solving three -run blast was great, ....................UNTIL the game ending granny!! I meant that the umpires other than the PU could not have definitively seen it. It had to be the PU's call. It was a glance off the fabric. You have to see/hear it, or it has to be definitive. Sometimes we can tell from out there because of a change of speed or direction of the ball. The change of direction came from it hitting Napoli.
  6. For whatever reason the image shows when I enter link into text box, but not when it post. No idea why but here is the link. http://l.yimg.com/bt...-165656-522.jpg
  7. MILWAUKEE, WI - OCTOBER 02: Third base umpire Jeff Kellogg stands with second base umpire Bruce Dreckman on the field during Game Two of the National League Division Series between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Milwaukee Brewers at Miller Park on October 2, 2011 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
  8. Anyone else notice the plate umpire was wearing an MLBU cap?
  9. UmpJM thanks for the input. It's my final semester of college (22 years old) and the course I'm taking is designed at putting the polishing touches on our professional resume. I've had a professor instruct me to include it, yet I'm not sure as to where to put it.
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