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  1. I am reconsidering my actions in this situation. What do you think? First fall ball game yesterday. Ages late 12s - 15. Home catcher comes late out the dugout (again, start of the game). Pitcher has to warm up with the third baseman. I give him three to get use to the pitcher. Live ball, first pitch. Inside, bounces just in front of catcher. No attempt to get in front of ball. Hits me in shinguards. I tell catcher to move in front of the ball and stop it with his equipment. Second pitch. Letter-high fastball, inside edge of plate. Straight from pitcher's hand to my mask. Catcher was late with his glove. Turns around and say's, "My bad". I take off my mask and sternly tell catcher that that "can't happen again" and that he needs to get motivated and catch the ball. Last pitch of at bat. Pitcher bounces one under the catcher to come up and hit me squarely in the cup. I point the runner to first (walk), call "time" and call for the home manager. I tell him that he needs to "motivate" his catcher into catching or stopping the ball. He makes some excuse about his "inexperience" which I quickly pass of as no excuse. I again tell him to get his player motivated and walk away to the fence behind the plate. Coach calls the catcher and goes to the mound, where he talks to the battery. Catcher got better for the next two innings and then moved to another position. I am wondering if I should have been a bit more patient and worked with the kid a bit more before going to the coach; however, I keep coming back to the though that "I am not a backstop". What do you think?
  2. Windex with Vinegar. Also, my regular shoe cleaner is Scrubbing Bubbles bathroom cleaner. Works wonders.
  3. Not to , I was just making the point that the runner could have realized the mistake as he was touching Home and making a wide turn back to third (not having to retouch home on way back because Home was as far as he got) Devil's Advocate thinking only! Definitely a HTBT moment. Interesting and informative anyway! Thanks.
  4. Just thinking out loud. Since there is not a basepath or direction that the runner who has reached home is required to follow (e.g. towards 3rd after 2nd, towards Home after 3rd, etc); and assuming in the original post that the runner's dugout is on the third base side; couldn't you make the case that the runner was in fact making his own basepath and returning to third after touching home and realizing his mistake; therefore, not having to "retouch" home. Frankly, in this case I am just playing devil's advocate for not banging him.
  5. One of the first things I ever learned from my mentor (a senior official assigned to me by the Association's Board) was to stay away from your partner for at least a full inning (if not longer) after any type of banger or other call which caused controversy, unless asked for help on the play by your partner. It lends to speculation that the umpire calling the play is looking for support on the call after he had a chance to second guess himself. All of the fallout garbage and second guessing can be covered in the post-game. Conversations between the umpire crew between innings should be kept to a minimum anyway. As far as how you should handle the second game, wipe the slate clean and change positions on the field. If you are not able to change postions due to experience/other rules, still wipe the slate clean. You will find that you feel better about the game and you may be able to gain/regain the respect of someone. As far as the ejection, I would sure have a longer fuse with a coach after I knew I had kicked a call; however, you are correct - he absolutely teed the ej up for you with his passing comment. Good luck!!!
  6. I worked the Cal Ripken 12-60/11-60 State Championships this past weekend. Three fields going at once with different start times. Two games held on each field. On Saturday, we were asked to hold play six times. Twice for our field (of course) and four times for the two other fields, as the National Anthem was played at the beginning of each game. I love this country; however, it got to be a bit much.
  7. Great Interpretation!!! Remember, a pitch thrown down the middle, belt high, and called a "Ball" is just a ball. _________________ In reality, my zone at all levels is shaped like a capital letter "D", rounds on the outside, fattest at the belt, and the zone gets fatter as the ages get younger and/or quality of ball gets worse. I rarely call strikes off the inside edge of the plate, as they are just as unhittable with aluminum/composite bats as with wood. The outside balls can be easily hit with power with the alum/comp bats. I try to get a few outside, belt-high strikes early. If I hear a grumble, I may move it in a bit.
  8. "Untoss" Is that a technical term?:wow:
  9. RenoUmp

    Would you EJ?

    Only a thought here, but I wouldn't hold the runner's size against him. As far as all the calls, had to be there as they are all judgement calls.
  10. RenoUmp

    dropped third

    I'm with you!!!:smachhead:
  11. R1 and R2, BR bunts ball, play takes long time to develop, F1 fields and throws to F3 over his head and into DB. In PU's judgement, R1 had gained 2B prior to throw. BR gained 1B after throw. Initially, PU awarded both R2 and R1 home as I was watching the BR and 1B and didn't have the exact location of R1 at the time of the throw; however, DC argued runner placement and TOP situation and we ended up awarding R1 3B. OC put up a counter-arguement, indicating that R1 had already gained 2B at the TOT, but we went with the TOP situation. Initially, I was with the PU; however, as soon as coach said "TOP" we both recognized situation (evidently getting it right). I felt then (as I do now) a bit like Homer Simpson. :wow:
  12. I need to refresh myself on the penalty for throwing a fielded ball out of play . . . Specifically, when bases are awarded on time of pitch and when for time of play/throw. Think I booted one yesterday. Didn't cost anyone in the long run, but I still want to get it right.
  13. Thanks for the support!!! I feel now, like I did then, that the the call was correct!!! BTW, after consideration, the twist is better left undetailed. Let me just say that even though neither rooting interest had issued with my decision to call the dead ball, I was made to feel that my decision to call the ball "dead" was incorrect - before the next pitch.
  14. Bottom 6, score tied, R1, one out, BR hits line drive to F9, catchable but F9 gets blinded by sun and ball hits him square in the temple and he goes down, ball bounces towards F8. R1 and BR reach 2nd and 1st respectively. I am PU, I am just reading all of this and I see F9 go down. He is not moving. Mom is freaking out behind me. In the best interest of F9, I call dead ball before F8 gathers ball gets it into infield and send F9's coach to hurry up and check on his player. Noteably, I was fully aware that R1 was rounding 2B and starting for 3B when all this is going on. I quickly rationalized my dead ball decision (prior to verbalizing it) that the player's safety was more important than a banger at third. We gathered at the player and, undoubtedly, he had been knocked out for maybe 10 seconds. I made him exit the game. Now, there were no complaints by either side, but there is a somewhat unrelated twist to the story. . .but later on that. I need feedback on whether I did the right thing in calling the dead ball before all the plays were over. Thanks.
  15. Isn't +POS actually out of business? Notice that you can't get any gear from the website. I use to buy stuff from them many years ago, from Honigs. Research showed that they went belly up. I think the stuff on the web is old merch.
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