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  1. Great transaction with @Cavalier1948. Great communication that was quick and easy.
  2. FED Rule set R1, 0 outs batter with 2 strikes. R1 stealing, batter swings and misses at strike 3, F2 attempts to throw to second but the batters follow through contacts him and he drops the ball. Question is, can R1 be called out or just returned to 1B? Casebook 7.3.5 Situation B says B3 is out and R1 is returned to first but makes no reference to the count. Is there any difference if B3 strikes out and then there is follow-through interference preventing a play on R1? See 7.3.5c and last sentence of penalty and 8.4.2g Thanks!
  3. In excellent condition with System 7 harness. $400 shipped to any continental States. PayPal friends and family for payment.
  4. Had the plate for a game on April 20th. Students sitting in the stands behind home plate, after a pitch, yelled "just because it's 420 doesn't mean you have to make a call like that."
  5. I got to use this CP in a game a few days ago. It fit me very well around the torso and shoulders. It is low profile and protective. I took off the gap plates and just shortened up the shoulder caps which was a nice fit with no openings for a ball to find me, based on my shoulder size. I left the bottom extension on but I'd remove it were it my CP. I took two shots, one to the lower part of the CP and one on the shoulder. First was a pitch that bounced up and the other was a foul ball off the bat to the shoulder. Neither were extreme shots but the CP reacted well and I felt nothing but the p
  6. Complete rig, partial or frame only. Thanks.
  7. R1, no outs. Fly ball to F9. R1 retreats to 1st base as BR touches first and passes R1. F9 drops the ball. Is the force still on at second base on R1 with the out made behind him, after touching first, by the BR for passing?
  8. Force 3 V2 chest protector in excellent condition. Used in 5 games. Low profile fit, comfortable and very protective. I have 4 CP’s and so I’m looking to sell this one. Also included is a brand new System 7 harness. $200 includes shipping in the US. PayPal FF @Thunderheads lock it up Sold
  9. I have some brand new black Nike pads. Make me an offer.
  10. Selling a few items: Plate coat is BRAND NEW size 42 Regular from Out West Officials. Black, never worn. Tried on only and too small for me, I ordered a bigger size. I paid $261 on sale, will sell for $250 shipped. They sell for $289 on their website. Force3 V2 mask with tan pads with Force3 visor. Used this mask for 10 games, excellent condition. I have another and don't need 2. $120 shipped. Mask sold! Reebok Zig Magistrate LOW plate shoes in Black/White size 11.5. BRAND NEW in box. $110 shipped. Plate shoes are sold!
  11. Valid concern. I have both the flex and the original. I use the original as my primary and the flex as a backup mostly because the original is much easier to slide into the pocket of my Battle sliders. The rubber on the sides of the flex catch and make it harder to get into the correct position. It's a minor inconvenience but the main reason I use the original.
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