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  1. Anyone else see this comparison? It's at the top of the page. Gerry Davis Sports claims that their new DaviShield offers better protection than the Platinum and other CPs. After seeing a DaviShield in person last weekend, I find that very hard to believe. http://www.gerrydavis.com/mm5/category/Chest_Protectors
  2. The quote that JM made is the correct one for this situation. It says: J/R says that if the attempted throw is unable to be completed, then the batter is out. In this case F2 attempted to throw to F5, but was unable to do so. The ball is dead when F2 abandons his attempt to throw to F5 and the batter is out.
  3. Under OBR, you will most likely get this call when the ball hits the BR with an accurate throw. J/R says that interference can also be called if the BR "obscures the vision of the fielder who gloves, but drops the ball."
  4. You won't regret it. I took a straight shot with it (the catcher some how didn't even get a glove on the ball) and I hardly felt anything.
  5. Yes. After I made sure they fit correctly, it was the first thing I did. I know another umpire who left them on though and still hasn't removed them even after my suggestion to do so.
  6. I also have these shin guards and love them. I have taken shots off of them and haven't felt a thing. You can hear the sound of the ball hitting the hard plastic and bouncing off, but you hardly feel it on your legs.
  7. Trying the two on would be the best thing you could do. Myself and others have had problems with the Platinum sliding down (even though I adjusted mine all the way in). Switching to the Gold solved this for me and others. The nice thing about the Gold is that it is sized by coat size so I think it fits smaller frames better. However, I also know some people who, like Brian, swear by the Platinum and prefer it over the Gold. Some people also find that the Gold does not extend far enough down and leaves the bottom of their ribs exposed. Although it may not be easy for you to do, trying both on
  8. I have both and find the Gold to be much less bulky than the Platinum. I only wear the Gold
  9. I will be at that clinic as well
  10. They will create a division for 12/13 year olds that is a hybrid of majors and juniors. It will have a 50 foot pitching mound, 70 foot bases, and be played under juniors rules. This year it will be run as a test program and 12 year olds will be able to play both majors and the 12/13 division and 13 year olds will be able to play both juniors and the 12/13 year old division. This ability to play in two divisions will not exist when the program is finished with its test phase
  11. The once an inning was for softball and applied to all levels. As far as I know, the only pitching rule changes were for baseball, so this should still be the same.
  12. You are correct. This part of the rule has not changed and reads pretty much the same as last year's. We will have to wait until they ship the 2009 books to see if 3.03 has changed the once per inning rule at the LL level.
  13. someoneinca

    Base Awards

    This is only true if F5 has control of the ball or knocks it out intentionally. The outfielder could make a perfect throw, but if F5 unintentionally deflects it out of play, it's still two bases from the time the outfielder threw the ball. From the MLBUM (emphasis added by MLBUM):
  14. someoneinca

    Base Awards

    R1 gets second because even though the ball was deflected, it was not deflected by a player. Had a player deflected the ball, R1 would get third based on the Approved Ruling of rule 7.05(h).
  15. someoneinca

    Base Awards

    R1 gets third. From the MLBUM (emphasis in original wording in MLBUM): 7.05(h) Approved Ruling
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