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  1. Right back at ya @th3. Smooth transaction, timely payment, great communication. Cleared out space in the Umpire Cave, now let's see what I can buy!!!!!
  2. Back in 2007 I was diagnosed with Colon Cancer. I went through a period of surgery and rehab that in the end got me through the roughest parts. During that time I lost a huge amount of weight, and when i returned to the field I had to change alot of things, especially since I had dropped from my "normal" weight of 185 down to 142. So I invested in some new polywools that were a 34 inch waist. If I'm not mistaken this was also still during the period when they were strictly a Plate Plant which is why both of these are plate pants. The first pair are the charcoal that was just making it's w
  3. Can you imagine life without The BRD, or 151 Ways to ruin a ball game? And Tim is spot on, Carl has always willing to sit and spin a yarn about anything relating to baseball and/or Umpires. I called him about getting the e-version of the last BRD edition. What should have been about a three minute call was a 10 minute chat about the upcoming spring season. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Carl.
  4. I noticed that long ago too but he is a little more laid back than AB! Then it could be him playing incognito. Now I may have to go dig up my eteamz password, and its all your fault. LOL
  5. Clinics big time. Traveling to an area to get new perspectives is also a big help. I look forward to clinic season and organization meetings, great time of year to see old friends, discuss new trends in our little world, and chew on new rule changes. Once I started to understand how important clinics were to the training cycle I started to "get it". The good news is I will never "have all of it" so I'm always getting more. Michael you couldn't be more right about the Boards. From the days of e-teamz to various other spots I have learned and worked thru many a knotty situation thanks t
  6. :banghead: Ok man i am terrible some night yea it was. This was much easier to read i hope though. I didn't even knew i put that out there... wow My brain forgets way to much now getting older does not help. I only asked because if this happened twice in such a short span of time, it may have been time to look for another place to umpire! Tim. I don't know Tim, once may have been enough! I'm with Michael though it's all peachy that the UIC handled it, but your not showing alot of support for the umpires that got you there. We don't have the entire story so there coul
  7. "No coach there isn't an appeal of a judgment call." It's clean and simple and there is no telling them one thing and then giving them an answer on that which you just told them there was no appeal on. If you even entertain this notion then your doing nothing more than setting them up for future problems with other umpires. You can answer their question, respectfully with the truth and he starts to learn where and when an appeal is appropriate. Telling them no appeal and then answering a question about what isn't even YOUR call is just begging for trouble. Am I supposed to hang out in
  8. I'm confused. You have an out for being out of the base path, ok so someone is there with the ball ready to make a tag and the runner left the 3 foot lane. Got that. But then you go on to say she was way to far out for an OBS call. How could you have OBS if someone is there WITH the ball? It's a warm fuzzy thing to hear them rave about you, but if your going to take those compliments to heart then it only makes sense that you have to take their rat like rants as well. It's no different than balls and strikes. If your going to allow them to sit back and take shots at you about what
  9. Unless the R3 scored before you killed it on the OBS then your gonna have to put her back on third. Short basepaths for SB though so I guess it could happen, as Michael said though with the OBS before 1st kill it and award 1b, put R3 wherever she was when time was called.
  10. Scott; I think you handled the situation just fine, for a 7-0 ball game, just know that in a different setting (especially at this age level) things can get dicey quick. I have often found that when their up above the 14 y/o area it's best to nip it in the bud with warnings early. It will often times let them know that the sheriff is in town and watching what's going on. Just my
  11. Make arrangements to get paid at the plate meeting. That will be the last time it happens. And yes, you should keep the money. In all seriousness though, no matter how senior he may be this isn't a reasonable behavior from anyone. Take a look around, outside of the guy working solo, do you see ANYBODY that has a partner standing anywhere besides at that meeting? At least have a conversation and find out why he's of this mind set and report back to us forthwith!
  12. "Don't speak unless you can improve the silence"
  13. Guys; He did make his own call, as highlighted above, it's just not that clear in the original posting. It looks like the BR was heading towards the dugout because his initial call was "out". He then went to his partner who reversed it. The ball wouldn't be dead because you went to your partner, but his changing of the call certainly changes that BR's status. You can't really punish him when you sent him packing with an out call. DFDUmpire, as others have said, make sure you pre-game this situation with your partners in the future to avoid any further problems. In my minds eye you di
  14. There will be plenty of differing views on this (obviously) but I have to agree with Tim and Michael. When you give him the initial warning about it not being a good idea, a no response from you can only weaken your position with everyone there. Your going to have an opposing coach who now thinks he has at least one dirt kick coming to him, and that your not going to respond when somebody starts trying to show you up. Stand firm, tell him it's not acceptable in any way shape or form, and then immediately return back to the pre-game you were conducting to move on with things. Larry makes
  15. NFUA_44


    Welcome back Tim, good to see ya, hope all is well.
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