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  1. I have used both the wilson and the diamond bags. I dont even know why but for whatever reason I like the diamond better however the wilson rolls better ( has better wheels ) in my openion.
  2. mr. noumpere why in the world would you respond to my reply in such a childish manner. Im sure many posts and replys mirror others from the past. I had no idea that I posted something that had been posted before but at the same time I dont care, the question is why would you care. maybe you sit in the dugout between innings, maybe you cant stand behind your calls and have to explain them. what ever the case may be im sorry if I hurt your feelings. oh, should I have said you're feelings i always get mixed up with that. I wont bother to reply if you have a come back .
  3. you might be a smitty if your the BU and you sit in the first base dugout between innings because its hot outside and you need some shade. you make a close call and between innings you go explain to the coach why you made that call.
  4. for me wants: everything I ordered from sos sports to come in 2 pairs of smitty base pants 2 clif keen polo blue shirts with black trim 1 clif keen cream shirt 1 smitty long sleeve black shirt 1 pair of reebok field magistrate 2 base shoes will hope for the best and see what comes
  5. in my associations for both juco and high school we are told to be ib B with runners at 2nd and 3rd. when I work travel ball with the smaller guys I may syat in c because there are more past balls that may turn into a back door play at third or a run down situation. and yes as blind as the coaches think we may be at times we can see alllllll the way to first base from the c spot.
  6. so on espn 2 tonight LL regional gane in california the first base guy is wearing a red undershirt. the crew were wearing black jerseys. now I remember about 10 years ago our local association wore red under the navy shirts but never red under black. anyone have a reason for this or did this guy simply run out of black t-shirts. personally I like the white under the black..... BUT NOT RED:rollinglaugh:
  7. T-Rav, everyone here is giving the correct advice. slow down and make sure you see the whole play and make your call. the only thing I would like to add is that we all miss one from time to time. ofcourse it will bother you but you have to let it go, in your post you said there were 2 games where you feel you missed a call and in the first one you almost were hit by the ball. maybe the second one was some sort of residual from the first game. you knew you were using the wrong mechanic and changed it... good for you thats how we get better but maybe you were so worried about being in the right
  8. Im guessing we have all seen the youtube video where the catcher drops down and lets the ball hit the umpire. if something like that were to happen then ofcourse I would step in and help out my partner. now if my partner gets hit and and thinks foul play is involved I will follow his lead but if he dosent think any foul play is involved and does nothing why should I do anything. we all understand the working dynamics between the PU and F2. who knows what was happening at that game at that time. In retrospect I will say if im working the bases and my regular partner who is also my best friend
  9. tommy

    Unknown Rules

    I cant believe no one has got this one yet. the most unknown rule in baseball is that a called strike three realy was a strike and you son realy is out. SO STOP YELLING AT ME.
  10. I would do the same thing you did.think about what I would do if I were PU, and do nothing.
  11. last year I was working the snack bar at our local babe ruth field and the umpire did not show up. I had no gear at all with me but like most of us I always have a couple of shirts and a pair of pants in my truck. So I changed out and had to call the game from behind the mound and it was not as bad as I thought it would be. dont shoot me for this one but at the plate meeting I explained what was happening and asked the coaches if they agreed to help out with the fair/foul calls and they did and we had no problems. not the best case scenario but what the heck, sometimes we have to think outside
  12. tommy

    A$$istant Coach

    if a coach wants to get ejected he should get what he wants..... good job
  13. Im with mazz on this one, I point on strike one & two and use the hammer on a swinging strike three and say nothing. I always verbalize all action counts so if the batter or the catcher for all that matter dont know there are two strikes on the hitter thats not my problem.
  14. tommy


    ya dont worry to much about that one, if it was a close thing probubly the best thing F5 could have done was to stay down and not move in order to not get in the way. I say you got it right, its nothing.
  15. seems like to me if you say to much to the guy it might just make him upset with you or ever worse, he may see your point and think you are right on his heels becoming the top dog and tell the assignor to stop giving you so many games just in spite. I dont know the man and dont know if he is like that but remember the king dosent give up the crown without a fight. i would say nothing, continue to work hard and attend clinics and you will get your just rewards in time.
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