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  1. Hey guys, Name is Jacob. I live in Ontario, California. I just recently started umping but literally have played baseball since I was walking. I played catcher all the way up until I was 19 years old (29 now) Completely lost interest in baseball when I hit college. Played a season at a small college and just lost the love for the game..... I really didnt even watch a complete game until about 2 years ago when my boys wanted to start playing (10 and 5) Little League I was even skeptical about putting them in due to having no interest in it.... Of course.... Once I got the beautiful game back in my blood it just ignited my love for it like never before.... Now I help coach both teams and another Junior level team. I basically live at the park so I decided to start umping.... The umpire association literally could not tell that I've never umpired a game before so they set me on my way pretty fast. Now I cannot get enough and I want to keep learning and making my way up to the higher divisions as well. Right now I am just doing minor, major, and Junior games as of now but I can tell this is just the beginning... Any tips are always offered and I'm here always looking to upgrade my gear lol
  2. Ex-Cop (Dont ask.. We've all been young and dumb).... Now I work in the Compliance Office of a Medical University. I deal a lot with emergency planning and policy writing.... I know I know sounds fun right? lol
  3. I played catcher my entire life. Best thing to learn back behind home is it is basically you and that ump against the world at that point. Plus, I always thought it helps my pitchers cause too if I made friends with the ump lol
  4. I know that feeling.... Bottom of the 6th in a tied Major game last night....... I reset my indicator for who know what reason because I never do this prematurely...... I had no idea the count.... Very next pitch the pitcher nails the batter with a non-curving curve ball. (Wipes sweat off my brow..... Got lucky...)
  5. I think the real problem is being in a place where it rains.... LOL Southern California does not believe in rain... Just ask our water resevoirs lol....
  6. Not to hijack this thread but way too coincidental....... 2 games ago I was doing a 'Major' game and had a kid hit a sliding double. Play was not even really that close so as the F8 is throwing back to F6 standing by second the BR is dusting off his pants literally on the side of the bag not even an inch off. F6 happens to be the stud of the league and pushes him off a little and BR comes off the bag... We run just a BU at our league so some were giving me little chirps about the BR being off the bag but I just turned and said "Cant be bullied off the bag" and gave everyone a smile. Luckily, I played it off with my body language like it was no big deal because I was not ready to call that kid out for that little infraction.
  7. Hey brotha, I tried to PM you about the mask but your box is full and cannot receive any new messages. Shoot me a text if possible 626-862-0801
  8. @JoHart10 what are you going to be asking for that Nike ?
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