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  1. Most of the slow-pitch softball teams I am familiar with play under ASA rules. A batter/runner that retreats in any way back to home plate (frontwards, backwards or even sideways) is immediately out under ASA Rule 8-2-H.
  2. Michigan has an automatic 2 game suspension for anyone leaving the dug-out during a fight. The umpires should just stand back, take numbers and afterward, determine if there are enough players and/or coaches left to complete the game. Then prepare to file a report by noon the next day.
  3. While watching each team take "infield" prior to a game, what things specifically do you watch for?
  4. ​Sometimes it is. I frequently do games that have a time limit (no inning shall begin after 1:45 min). It looks a bit awkward to pull out your cell phone to check the time, and who really wears watches anymore?
  5. It is also a FED softball rule
  6. Does the coach need to give a reason for a player to be removed from the game? Situation: FED rules - A team starts with the minimum number of starting players - no subs are available. After the first pitch the coach calls for time and one player comes off the field. Coach declares that they will finish the game one player short. Legal? What if they batted first and the coach wanted to remove a player - does the removed player need to initially take a spot on the field? My thought is that the players are officially "in the game" at the moment the line-ups are turned in at the pre-game me
  7. Doing a varsity game last night and I have the plate. I have a play at the plate with the runner sliding and the catcher putting on a tag...too late. I'm a little curious, as I call the runner safe, that the catcher seems to keep the tag on the player who scored. The momentum of the slide carries the player past the plate and the catcher continues to keep the glove on the player. When they both come to rest the catcher still keeps the tag on and looks up at me again. With the glove still on the player he begins to point to where there is now an obvious space between the plate and the play
  8. ​Do you have any promotional information on this school? I'm interested!
  9. But can you return to 3rd after touching home plate? So basically my question would be is it an appeal at home plate or an appeal at 3rd base. And if they appealed at the wrong place they wouldn't get a second shot!
  10. Fed Rules: R2 & R3 with 2 out. R3 gets in a run-down between 3rd base and home. R2 is creeping toward 3rd base. R3 is obstructed by F1 who is still standing in the baseline after participating in the pickle. Ultimately R3 slides back into 3rd safely...but the action is not finished! Now they have R2 caught between 2nd and 3rd, and R2 is tagged for the 3rd out. I know this is a delayed dead ball, so wait till all the action has ceased, but do you award R3 home and count the run? Does the out on R2 stand?
  11. FED rules: R3 with one out. Batter hits a towering fly ball to left field. R3 fails to tag and crosses home plate. Realizing the ball is caught he returns to 3rd base (without retouching home plate) where he slides in safely. What and where should the appeal be, if any is needed, and what should you call?
  12. Blueump


    I'll let you know what I use...once the snow melts!
  13. FED rules: 1. You show up to find (or discover during a contest) that one of the coaches has a child, or young children in their care in the dugout. Is this covered in the rules or casebook? 2. You show up to a game where one of the umpires has a child and wants to keep them in the dugout. (My wife is a HS softball coach and this has happened to her TWICE this year!) What would you do in both of these situations?
  14. One time, and only one time ever, I was hit square in the chest while in "C". Ouch!
  15. Personally, I could care less what a coach is wearing. I have much more to worry about than fashion patrol for adults in a youth game. With that said, if a coach starts to complain about calls...his clothing that doesn't adhere to the rules will suddenly become an issue.
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