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  1. Jeremy,

    I just filled week #1. I have all three weeks booked. Thanks. See you in June.

    1. ZebraStripes


      Looking forward to it sir.  The quack attack crew will do our best to make you laugh.  I will also have a CPAP this year so maybe it will be a little quieter.

  2. ​Spoke to Bill Dooley -- He said to look you up!
  3. Jason, be careful what you wish for!
  4. Majordave, CDP has 70' diamonds which has a completely different parent/fan following. They are, usually, more congenial. I try to warm up the parents before the game which is always interesting. My fifth year and it always proves to be a good experience. Oh, and Mick, it is 49 days.
  5. If you are a light sleeper (and even if you're not) the foam ear plugs would be helpful. There are usually some heavy snorers in each bunkhouse.
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