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  1. Hello fellow umpires: I bought a pair of New Balance 460 V3 Lo Cut Plate Shoes and they are about a size too big. They are size 10. I have never worn them on the field, wore them about 3 times trying to see if double socks would work, yet they did not. Please email me if you are interested. I can send pictures in email. I am asking $85.00. Thank you, Carter Caplan cjc377@drexel.edu
  2. Hi @bluejersey All great questions... You will bring your uniforms to the barracks. We all hang them at the end of your bunkbed, some people bring an extra bar to hang it up but they will be in your barrack... You are allowed to bring laptops. The wifi isn't the best but under the tent (where we eat) is the only place that gets reception... There is also an office where they have 3 computers we can use that I would suggest. It really depends how many games per day, so the way it works is you are put on a crew (with a crew chief) for the week and you are assigned one field for that week. You, your crew, and crew chief will come up with the schedule on saturday. You can expect 2-3 games per day. The more umpires there is the bigger the crews will be the less amount of games. Most crews will either have 4-5 umpires, so as far as how many umpires it really depends. Yes I would bring a black jacket with you, the weather at CDP is very weird. They will give you a navy blue CDP jacket as well.
  3. Some of the leagues that I umpire for play under MLB rules. I know in federation, coaches are allowed one offensive conference per inning... What is the rule on that for MLB? You see all of these MLB players talking with their 3rd base coach halfway up the line so often and the umpires never say anything.
  4. I have two pairs of Gerry Davis pants. Should I get a pair of medium or heather grey or am I okay?
  5. Hey Guys, This is my first year heading to Cooperstown and want to make sure I'm doing it correctly. I received my packet the other day and I have completed the Umpire Resume. Is that the only thing that I need to "send in" (fax, email, mail etc) to Cooperstown? Obviously, they have my umpire participation form. As part of the umpire kit they had like the camper forms and stuff, I'm assuming we do not need to fill that out? Thank you, Carter Caplan
  6. Question... I have 6 teams that I am taking, and I received my packet. So for the packet, do we only need to fill out the Umpire Resume, or what else do we need to fill out from that packet?
  7. I am there weeks 1,3,5,12, and 13.... I have teams for all weeks except 13. Thank you
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