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  1. New Balance is supposed to come out with a new plate shoe model at the end of 2015. This was one of the questions I asked the folks at Ump-Attire.
  2. Ump17


    These are actually recovery socks. I suppose that you could wear them during a game but they are meant to be worn after an athletic activity to aid in muscle recovery. I have a pair from a different manufacturer that I use in basketball season. Put them on after every game and sleep in them. They are not a miracle cure but they are definately worth 30 bucks.
  3. Ump17

    winding down

    For us non military guys, can you explain what you mean by "melting it in 8 times"? Do we buff the shoes after we heat them each time. Thanks for your service: both to the country and to the umpiring brotherhood.
  4. You will absolutely want to size up. I am only 5' 10" and I wish I would have bought the 18".
  5. You're the man Jim Kirk, thanks for responding.
  6. I wonder if the new Wilson "memory foam" padding will be available as a replacement pad or will we have to buy the whole mask?
  7. That's a fact Jack! or Jocko
  8. I have both of the shinguards that you are inquiring about. I also have the platinum guards that catsbacker mentioned. I am a single knee shinguard guy so I rarely if ever wear the WV Pro Black guards. Matter of fact, they are currently on loan to a beginning umpire. As far as protection, you absolutely cannot beat the Pro Black or the Platinum guards. If the ball hits the guard, you won't even feel a thud. You will hear something, but you won't feel a thing. The one thing you will do is sweat....alot!!! The unequals are considerably lighter. They wrap around the leg and quite honestly you almost forget you have them on. Protection is solid as well. I have only had them for this season so I have only been hit once. To be fair, the hit that I took would have been stopped by any shin guard. I will wear the UE for 99% of the time. They are just extremely comfortable. I do have a game tomorrow with a D1 signee on the mound and an inferior catcher in which I will probably wear the platinum guards. With this catcher, I would prefer to stand behind a fence but I understand that is frowned upon. So long story short, for the ultimate in protection, the Wilsons. For the ultimate in comfort and 99% in protection, the Unequal. If I could only have 1, the Unequals. Hope this helps Major.
  9. It was 1992 and my very first varsity game in only my second year of umpiring. I was at a very rural school in Southern Indiana. The visiting team had just finished taking infield and was preparing for the game while their coach was coming out for the plate meeting. All of a sudden, kids ran out of the dugout and a few of them were using some colorful language and were a little upset. A raccoon had decided to take up residence in the corner of the dugout and was upset with anyone that came near. In this little corner of the world, they don't have animal control, they have rednecks with guns. So not 1, not 2, but 3 rednecks with rifles much larger than a .22 descend on the dugout and alleviate the raccoon problem in a way that would be totally unacceptable to PETA. Redneck number 1 even had a cooler and was heard saying "She ain't that big but she'll eat." So here it is my first ever varsity game, I am 21 years old, nervous as can be, and I now know that at least 3 fathers on the home team are packing. No pressure.
  10. Ump17

    Getting Paid

    In So. Indiana we are always paid before a game for high school ball. We report to the gate/ticket-taker and they hand us our checks. We are so short on guys that I can't imagine what would happen if we had to wait until the end of the month or season to get paid. In summer ball we sometimes have to go to the concession stand after the game if we are getting paid in cash, but it is ALWAYS the same day.
  11. Currently a mask on Ebay with the pads that you are seeking. Poster says used once. Can pick up the whole mask for $25 plus shipping. Hope this helps. I would post the link if I knew how. Sorry.
  12. It seems like when I am working the scissors I naturally follow the ball all the way to the glove. I do not have to think about it at all, it just happens. If the ball is hit, I have no trouble seeing it off the bat. This does not happen for me at all when working the box. Definately a defect in my tracking while working the box. I try to put my head in the same spot every time and have tried different "locks." Will keep working on it.
  13. I have been more than jumpy. I am downright flinching. Took a juco fastball straight to the mask last year (think Kerwin Danley a few years back) and now I absolutely bail on anything high and tight. I am even jumping on pitches in the dirt. I am slightly better when working the scissors but I cannot work that stance on back to back nights due to the strain on my back. Any suggestions other than my partners suggestion of "quit being a pussy"?
  14. Fellow umps, I was wondering if anyone could help me out on a shin guard question. I am debating between the Gerry Davis Davishins and the new All-Star LGU 1000 single knee guards. I am especially duck footed so when I work the box stance my slot knee is faced more toward the batter than the pitcher. As a result, once or twice a year I will take a shot off the inside or my knee. I am looking for a guard that wraps around the knee much more than my Wilson Charcoal's. Does anyone on here have/had both of these guards and if so what are your thoughts. Also, do the Davisshins have enough padding to absorb a good shot. Thanks in advance for your input.
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