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  1. Returning to umpiring after several years on the Dark Side (coaching...LOL). Needing to find some used charcoal plate and base pants, 36-38 waist. Also hoping to find a blue/black collar shirt, XL and L, and a black XL/ and L. Thanks in advance!
  2. @grayhawk glad you got it! It was tough finding a box that would hold it all without it costing a fortune. I put my DF harness on the day I got it and I too could never get it as snug as I wanted, so I went back to the stock harness and did get it pretty tight, Good luck with it, you should be very happy with it and the shins!
  3. @JaxRolo what I have left were purchased in April.
  4. Okay Here's what's left - All prices include shipping. Honig's Navy Blue Short Sleeve Lg and XL , Collegiate Black Lg, Collegiate Blue Lg, White XL - $25 each Dalco Long Sleeve Navy and Official's Choice Long Sleeve Black, both XXL - $20 each Smitty Thermal Cold Weather Coat Navy and Black both XL - $50 each Reebok Zig Tech Base Shoes size 10 D, $50 New Balance 950 low cut base shoes size 9.5 D - $60 Wilson Dynalite Steel Mask with brand new Matte Black Powdercoating, new tan doeskin pads and new harness - $75 PICS AVAILABLE, JUST ASK!
  5. @Thunderheads, Lock it up, they are sold. Thank you.
  6. I have an Unequal Chest Protect and 16.5 inch Shins for sale. Purchased brand new in April, but I have accepted a coaching job and am leaving umpiring. Prefer to sell as a set, $275 plus shipping. I'm at my pic limit so I can email or text you pics. PayPal only.
  7. I am in the market for a solid black or black with white trim convertible jacket with zip off sleeves, size L or XL...Message me if you have one!
  8. I have taken a direct shot from mine and felt nothing...I have the NB with the compression short with the pocket and it fits perfectly. The compression shorts run really small, but the benefit for me has been that there is no movement by the cup, it stays exactly where I need it...lol
  9. @Thunderheads, any idea whether or not these big tournaments have lodging for out of town umpires?
  10. ​Sweet! Thanks for the heads up!
  11. ​I just checked the TW website. This Douglas WV has the padding riveted, doesn't appear that they will retrofit...If I'm wrong please let me know.,
  12. Just bought a Douglas West Vest for $25 at my local Play It Again Sports...
  13. Great transaction with @Big_Mac14! Perfect!
  14. First two pics, frame with the plastic coating peeling.
  15. I bought a Wilson Dynalight frame from @zm1283, stripped off the rubber like coating then took it to a local powder coating shop. Came back BEAUTIFUL! Matte Black finish and going to attach some Wilson Doeskin tan mask pads that I bought from @Big_Mac14 (Both GREAT DEALS, by the way...). Before During and After pics are coming...Can't wait to wear it!
  16. I know where to get them new, thought I'd check here first and see if someone had some they wanted to part with first...
  17. Looking for some tan mask pads, either Wilson or Team Wendy. Thanks!
  18. ​Imitator? Isn't that a tad harsh? I have no doubt that Tony does excellent work, but I'm sure he isn't the only one. I'm using a local business, I feel pretty good about that...
  19. ​I was going to use Tony, but there is a local powder coating shop that will do it for $25 with a 2 day turnaround, so I'm going to go there.
  20. I just bought a Wilson Dynalite frame to to get it powdercoated.
  21. Have you checked Honig's today? I just bought two college polo blue shirts for $20 each.
  22. ​That's exactly where I find myself. I don't have any illusions that D1 is out there for me, my goal to to work the highest level of baseball that I am qualified to do and to get better every day.
  23. UPDATE!! - Worked a Class 3 varsity plate last night (12 innings) and finally got dinged while wearing my UE. First shot was a foul that hit me just below the left nipple, the second hit me just above my right nipple (were they aiming at my nipples?). Just like most others who have this CP, I felt the impact but NO PAIN, not even soreness. I finally have my personal experience with this rig, and after taking a few shots with the UE shins, this may be the single best purchase I've ever made to enhance my personal protection. On a side note, I also took a direct shot to the schmeckel with my Nutty Buddy and felt nothing, I also took a foul to the mask with my TW pads (as I have a few times already) and was good to go. Sorry if this reads like an infomercial, but I hope my experience can help someone else choose.
  24. ​I just ordered this...didn't think it was possible for me to look sexier in my uniform, but maybe so...
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