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  1. I am looking for a black Majestic brand fleece-lined heavyweight umpire jacket in size 2XL. I am willing to pay full price for a jacket that is in very good to excellent condition. Thank you.
  2. I have three black jackets for sale. Details below. Smitty Pro-Series Convertible Jacket (Black w/ white striping and piping) - XL 2. Honig's Major League Jacket (Black w/ white stripes)- 2XL 3. Smitty Convertible Jacket (All Black) - 2XL These all retail for $45 to $50, depending on where you source them. Each jacket purchased before 2016 season. Honig's jacket never worn on the field while the other two were worn for about a dozen games each. I will sell each for $30 and ship them free to anywhere in the United States. I will also ship internationally based on actua
  3. The answer is definitively A. It's a quasi-trick question and, in my opinion a poorly worded rule. The key to this question/rule combo are the words "may not" in 9-4-c-1. By rule, the pitcher can't be changed even if the defensive team wanted to. Rule 9-4 c. A coach may not make a second trip to the mound in the same inning with the same batter at bat. However, if a pinch hitter is substituted, the coach may make a second trip but must remove the pitcher; 1. In this pinch-hitter situation, a relief pitcher, having just been brought in to pitch, may not be removed from the game b
  4. There's a significant difference between the small MLB licensing logo that exists on many pieces of gear, apparel, etc. and the large MLB logo emblazoned on the left chest and/or hat. One is simply a licensing logo and one implies connection to that organization, association, etc. It's tacky to wear a piece of uniform gear that implies connection to an organization or association that you are not working on behalf of or as a member of.
  5. I thought the Honig's jacket looked the same but the material was much thinner than the Smitty or the Majestic. So much so I ultimately returned it to Honig's. I was disappointed to be honest.
  6. All items are sold. Please close this thread. Thank you to everyone who made offers!
  7. I've received a few messages from people wanting individual items. I will offer all six items for $120 out the door; shipping is on me.
  8. I know them as well and it's something that is noticed. Talking about the nuance of D1 postseason assignments is a topic for a different day. You and I know both know that not every postseason umpire is a great example of every aspect of umpiring. I stand by my belief that something so correctable should be corrected.
  9. Get them done correctly. It bothers me to see them hemmed incorrectly. I know, I know...get your calls right....but when there's a right way and a wrong way...why not choose the right way? I agree with johnnyg. Have the them redone with the invisible hem. While it doesn't stick out like a sore thumb it is noticeable and for such an easily correctable issue there is no reason I can think of to not have it done properly. Someone mentioned D1 umpires that have the hem showing....I can tell you that it's not looked upon with great admiration or respect by supervisors nor fellow D1
  10. I have several shirts and jackets for sale. Each was purchased in 2014 and only worn a handful of times each. All of the items are in like new condition. The jackets were only worn four to five times each. I would like to sell them all together but realize that may not be possible and I am certainly open to ala carte offers. I will throw in free Priority Mail shipping and an increased discount for anyone wishing to purchase all six items. My asking price is listed below along with the retail price for comparison. For single item purchases I will charge a nominal shipping fee of $5.00.
  11. I do not wear a shirt over my chest protector when wearing a plate coat. If I could find the right shirt I would give it a try. I've switched the Wilson Gold this year so at least it would be black on black.
  12. I wore Smitty last year and I have went back to Honig's this season. The quality of the Smitty shirt is just fine and I didn't have any issue with pilling, fading, etc. I simply found the material to be very heavy and not breathable.
  13. I know that. We are saying the same thing. Let's move on. :)
  14. KyleUmp

    TOT v TOP

    This is correct. Don't let where the ball is on the field muddy the waters. I am not sure how the FED rule is worded, but the NCAA version makes it clear that it is teh "first play by an infielder." It doesn't say anything about where the infield has to be, etc. If the infielder throws the ball then you've got two bases from time of the pitch, unless all runners, including the BR, have advanced at least one base at the point of the throw.
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