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  1. Hanging it up and selling my gear. 1) Wilson Shock FX HS mask. Used two seasons. Pads washed and sanitized regularly. Still in great shape. $60 2) Pro Nine soft shell CP. Excellent shape. Includes 4" torso extension. Again, washed and air dried often. $40 3) Diamond shins. 17" Very good shape. $20 Notify me here or at cigarmon@yahoo.com
  2. Hypothetical . . .2 strikes to batter, PU goes to BU on potential checked strike 3. Question...does BU punch out batter or just give a simple strike signal and PU rings him up?
  3. Saw the new (to me anyway) Wilson Guardian shins. Very good looking design and seem to be cooler and lighter. Has anyone tried these or heard anything about them? Thanx
  4. Im in the game now. Working 2 games tomorrow!! Lets get it started
  5. Warren, not far behind you here in Central CA. I start next SAT. 2/16 Can NOT wait. Ive got the dish. And in the next 3 weeks, Ive already got 12 games on the books, Good times
  6. Don't get many National Anthems in baseball, but on I've asked my football crew to be silent during the National Anthem. Too often guys chit chat during it. I find it disrespectful. We can and should hold our tongues for those 2 minutes.
  7. Ive also kicked off my '13 campaign. I worked a 14/16 yo travel tourney (outdoor!) Jan.5 and again Jan. 12. 5 games/5 plates/2 shots to the facmask. Good to see pitches again.
  8. Scott, glad to hear you had a great first season. Should be plenty of "summer ball" around (i.e. Babe Ruth,Cal Ripken,etc.) Here in Fresno there are lots of travel ball tournaments too. Then there is "fall ball" until October or so. Find a game somewhere and chances are, they'll be looking for am umpire. ps. If Lou is coming up for a BBQ, I'll swing in too! Chips & salsa?
  9. Pleased and happy to announce that I received my 1st playoff assignment today! I've got the plate for a 3-man crew for a quarter-final game. Now to read up on 3 man rotations & mechanics!
  10. Our association has been donating to the local cancer group for 3-4 years now. Umpires who want to make a donation do so and then are given pink sweat bands that we wear during games the first two weeks of May. Some go the extra step and wear the pink jerseys. Its a good community outreach for us.
  11. Needless to say, I dont think I'll be putting this on my "umpire resume' "
  12. I blame Josh Beckett and that damn "hang man's noose" necklace thing he wears!
  13. A new benchmark for me. Last Friday, Varsity game and called a no-hitter. I didnt even think about it until my partner mentioned in the parking lot. Now granted, the final score was 42-0 (yes, I'm serious) but ONE OF THOSE TEAMS was no-hit dammit! LOL
  14. This Tuesday & Wednesday will be next chapter in my umpiring journey. I'll be working a prestigous varsity HS Easter tourney here in the area. One of the oldest here in CA. It draws teams from all over. Tuesday I have 3 games with our assignor, who also works JC, and Wednesday I'm working with one of our best, who also works D-1 and AAA. Ready to get after it!
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