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  2. That's what I thought as well. So unless there was something missing from how it was described to me, I couldn't get a balk out of it. I don't necessarily think it was OOO, i think it was called because it looked odd. Which we all know, just because it looks odd doesn't make it illegal. Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
  3. This happened during a game one of my fellow umpires was working. I was asked the question on whether this is a balk or not. Hopefully I can describe it well enough for you all to give me your thoughts. I wasn't there, so this is based on how it was described to me. NFHS: F1 starts in the stretch, leaning in to get his signs. Once he does, he begins to come set. During his motion to come set, his non pivot foot comes to a complete stop, but the F1 continued to bounce his hands (still together) up and down in front of his body from about navel to sternum. After a couple of bounces, he
  4. That sounds like the ones on my WVG. I actually cut them at the bottom, and stitched the bottom edge to the top. That essentially made a loop about 2" to pass the strap through. I also put the Force 3 harness on to replace the stock one. Fits like a glove.
  5. My WV Gold came with a piece of nylon web sewn on the lower "wings" (the ones with no plates) that acts like a belt loop. I feed my harness straps under that and then secure the T-hooks. Never had a problem with the straps sliding underneath. If for some reason yours doesn't have them, it would be simple enough to make some and sew them on. Some of the pictures I find online don't have that webbing. It does look like there is a piece of trim attached to the edge of the lower wings that would act in almost the same fashion. I can't say for sure without having one in my hands, though. Even if it
  6. I'm not sure who it was. Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
  7. I know I was one that touted this clinic, especially when Joe was "confirmed" to be there. I figured since I am in NY and from a NYSBUA chapter, I would try to help increase attendance. I was disappointed in the overall clinic as well. I was at the first one in 2013, and it was almost the same layout. Nothing much changed. I did take the time to fill out the survey at the end. Some of my suggestions are: 1. Cut down on the number of attendees, or make it a 2 day clinic, or both. Even if the cost increases a bit. That gives everyone more time for more reps- whether at the cag
  8. I was just getting ready to post about this. I am registered to go. By the sounds of e-mails I have received, enrollment is down a bit. I know the time of year is a little tough (being right after the holiday) and funds are tight for some people. But having 5 MLB & 5 MiLB umpires evaluating you and imparting some of their experience is worth it, to me. Also...Joe West is CONFIRMED to be there.
  9. The short answer is no. Their subs must complete mandatory play before coming back out, and the starters must still get mandatory play before the game is over. See rule 3.03 in the green book for all the nuances. Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
  10. I had to go through my archives, since I couldn't find it online either...is this the video you are talking about? Ask the Ump_ Lineup Cards with Mike Di Muro.mp4
  11. In the post above, I had pics of my solution for the wings on my WV Gold. I used elastic so it kept them down, but still offered flexibility. Just another possibility.
  12. ​I have personally witnessed this... no runners on base & pitch is delivered for Ball 4. F2 misplays the ball and BR trots to first in no big hurry. F2 gets the ball back to F1, who sprints to the rubber. F2 is lollygagging getting his mask on to the 1B side of home plate (ditched the mask going after the passed ball). R1 sees this, and starts running to 2B, then 3B, then to home. F1 is standing on the pitchers plate the entire time, and F2 is still off to the side messing with his mask. No play at all was made. DC is screaming "My pitcher was on the rubber!! The runner can't go!!" M
  13. If the runner is still off the base when the next pitch is delivered, the he would be guilty of a 7.13 (leaving early) violation. If the bases are loaded, R1 can't really advance anywhere. If I were the DC, I would probably just have my pitcher deliver a pitch and not worry about R1 being off the base.
  14. http://www.littleleague.org/media/llnewsarchive/2015/January-April/2015-World-Series-Umpires.htm "This year, for the first time, Little League International is supporting all volunteer umpires at all nine World Series with a $400 travel stipend to help off-set the costs for the men and women to attend their respective World Series." Lodging is also provided.
  15. Correct Rule 5.09(g) Comment: If a foul tip hits the umpire and is caught by a fielder on the rebound, the ball is “dead†and the batsman cannot be called out. The same shall apply where such foul tip lodges in the umpire’s mask or other paraphernalia. If a third strike (not a foul tip) passes the catcher and hits an umpire, the ball is in play. If such ball rebounds and is caught by a fielder before it touches the ground, the batsman is not out on such a catch, but the ball remains in play and the batsman may be retired at first base, or touched with the ball for the out. If a pit
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