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Not all players in the league are bad

Mr Umpire
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I had a team with a really tall pitcher. I was BU.

He was on the mound with R1. I'm in B and HOK position. He makes a routine, deliberate jump spin move to 1B. He had no intention of trying to get the runner. I look at 1B and never saw the ball or heard it. I looked back at him and still didn't see it but I thought it was in his glove still.

I yelled "Balk!" He looked at me confused:confused: and just then, I noticed the first baseman throwing the ball back to him.:WTF I tell the runner to stay at 1B and explain to the pitcher. B/c of how tall he is, when he let go of the ball, it was above the bill of my cap and I didn't see it. And, due to the timing of the whole play, I thought he still had it.:smachhead:

So, before the next pitch, I pushed my hat bill up and now I look like a good ol' boy doing the bases.:shakehead: He looks at me and I showed him. He just smiles.:)

His next play right after, of course, is a pickoff to 1B. But, instead of doing his normal play, he ducks down some and then throws the ball.:BD: He looks at me with a smile and I just smiled back.:shrug:

The rest of the game was smooth sailing with no problems. I just wanted to post this b/c I know how bad the adult leagues can be with their treatment of umpires.

But, not all of them are that bad.:clap:

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I have started doing men's leagues as HS is over and have not had a problem. Most of the guys are just happy to be there on a Sat or Sunday and since it is in the early am, usually get paid with crinkly dollars and everyone is moving slow....

PS: yes, Bri, you know why you have crinkly dollars in your pocket the next morning by making it rain the night before LOL

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Im working a league based out of Orange County, CA and it is the most friendly league I have ever worked.

All the players know each other and hang out with each other. No cursing or yelling at each other. Its been really strange.

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