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He admitted he was not fair to umpires as a player.  But as an announcer (one whom I listened to regularly over the years), I found him (and his play-by-play partners)...while not perfect...to be far more fair to umpires than most announcers today.  He would definitely go out of his way to say when he thought an umpire was having a good night.  Sometimes, he might say when he thought an umpire was having a bad night, but he never blamed the umpires for a Sox' loss, and he never went off on a negative tangent about the umpires. It was more along the lines of, "as a player, you need to adjust."  In fact, as I recall (I hope my memory is correct) the boys over at closecallsports.com even praised him once or twice for correctly understanding a rule or umpire's ruling.  He was a true New England institution.


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