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Rules ! Rules ! Rules

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 Not an umpire , anymore...
   So I decided to get a copy of the "rulebook"
    "2019 Official Rules Major League Baseball" by Triumph Books LLC.
    I think they used the smallest font they could get their hands on!!
   Need a magnifying glass to read it.
   and by the way   boring as hell

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Reading the rulebook "boring as hell" - Blasphemer! 

I can't recommend reading or browsing a rule book at all, any more than a dictionary or encyclopedia. It's a reference work. 

"Much easier to read . . . online."

This is a matter of opinion. Searching for a specific term or word, yes; reading and browsing broadly, no. I am very old-fashioned about some things: I can't easily read books or magazines--or rule books--on-line.

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Yes, the rule book is a reference, but when trying to find an answer, which often entails juxtaposing several rules, I find it easier to leaf through the hard copy. YMMV. My comment about reading books and journals was simply to illustrate my old-fashioned preference--and I don't posit it as universal truth. YMMV.

Considering the pandemic circumstances, the closest we may come to actually umpiring this year is browsing through the rules. And posting in Umpire-Empire.

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